Thai movie stars born in 1967

Here are 8 famous actors from Thailand were born in 1967:

Paul Spurrier

Paul Spurrier (May 23, 1967 Suffolk-) is a Thai screenwriter, film director, actor, cinematographer, film editor and film producer.

Theeratorn Siriphunvaraporn

Theeratorn Siriphunvaraporn (February 27, 1967 Sa Kaeo Province-) also known as Tharathorn Siriphunvaraporn, Song, Thorathorn Siriphunvaraporn, Torathorn Siriphunvaraporn or Tharathorn Siripanwaraporn is a Thai film director, screenwriter and actor.

Saksit Tangtong

Saksit Tangtong (June 6, 1967 Udon Thani-) also known as Tang is a Thai actor and singer.

Kaphol Thongplub

Kaphol Thongplub (September 4, 1967 Chainat Province-) also known as Kapon Tongplub, Pong or Kamon Arunawas is a Thai actor, tv personality and radio personality.

Songsit Roongnophakunsri

Songsit Roongnophakunsri (May 6, 1967-) also known as Songsit Rungnopphakhunsri is a Thai actor and singer.

Jirayuth Wattanasin

Jirayuth Wattanasin (June 9, 1967-) is a Thai actor, singer and musician.

Aisoon Watayanon

Aisoon Watayanon (March 2, 1967-) is a Thai singer, actor, disc jockey and writer.

Tin Settachoke

Tin Settachoke (September 23, 1967-) is a Thai actor. He has one child, Nawaporn Tanprasert.

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