Thai movie stars died in 1993

Here are 1 famous actors from Thailand died in 1993:

Somchai Asanajinda

Somchai Asanajinda (November 16, 1921 Bangkok-September 19, 1993) also known as Sor Asanajinda was a Thai actor, television director, film director and screenwriter.

He began his career in entertainment as an actor in the film industry in Thailand in the 1940s. Asanajinda then became a television director for the Thai Broadcasting Corporation in the 1950s and worked on some of the first television shows in the country.

In the 1960s, he turned to film directing and screenwriting, with his most notable work being the film "Mae Nak" (1959) which is considered a landmark film in Thai cinema. Asanajinda was known for his ability to capture unique and authentic aspects of Thai culture in his works.

Aside from his work as a filmmaker, Asanajinda was also involved in various cultural and educational institutions in Thailand. He served as the President of the Association of Siamese Architects and was a board member of the Thai Film Archive.

Asanajinda was awarded the title of National Artist of Thailand in 1990 for his contributions to Thai cinema and culture. He passed away in 1993 at the age of 71.

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