Thai musicians died at 35

Here are 1 famous musicians from Thailand died at 35:

Chit Phumisak

Chit Phumisak (September 25, 1930 Prachinburi Province-May 5, 1966) was a Thai writer.

He was known for his political activism and social commentary through his writing. Phumisak was born in a village in Prachinburi Province, Thailand. He studied at Chulalongkorn University and later received a scholarship to study in the United States. He was heavily influenced by Western literature and political theory, particularly Marxism.

Phumisak was involved in several leftist political organizations in Thailand throughout his life. In 1963, he was dismissed from his position as a professor at Thammasat University due to his political views. He continued to write prolifically, using his words as a means of social and political activism.

One of his most well-known works is "Jit Phumisak and His Oral History of the Thai Revolution," which details the events leading up to the 1932 revolution in Thailand that established a constitutional monarchy. He also wrote extensively on the Vietnam War and the global struggle against imperialism.

Phumisak's outspoken criticism of the Thai government and monarchy led to his eventual arrest and imprisonment in 1964. He was released in 1965, but was later assassinated in 1966 by an unknown assailant. His legacy as a writer and political activist continues to inspire those fighting for social justice and political change in Thailand.

Phumisak's works were not only focused on politics, but also on social issues and the human condition. He explored themes such as poverty, inequality, and the struggles of everyday people in Thai society. His writing was raw and honest, and he often utilized satire and humor to get his point across. Phumisak also translated works by notable Western writers such as Thomas Mann and Ernest Hemingway into Thai, making their works accessible to a wider audience in Thailand. In addition to his writing, Phumisak was also a well-known activist and organizer, advocating for human rights and democracy in Thailand. His contributions to Thai literature and activism have earned him a place as one of the most important figures in modern Thai history.

Despite his short life, Chit Phumisak made a significant impact on Thai society, both through his writing and his activism. He is regarded as a pioneer of modern Thai literature, having broken away from traditional literary conventions to address contemporary social and political issues. Phumisak's works were not only influential in Thailand, but also had an impact internationally, particularly among left-wing and anti-imperialist movements. His writing continues to be studied and celebrated today for its depth, nuance, and powerful message. In recognition of his contributions, the Chit Phumisak Foundation was established in 2015 to promote his ideas, and an annual literary prize named after him is awarded to emerging Thai writers.

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