Turkish actors died in 1975

Here are 3 famous actors from Turkey died in 1975:

Necdet Tosun

Necdet Tosun (August 3, 1926 Balıkesir-May 10, 1975 Istanbul) was a Turkish actor. His children are called Erdal Tosun and Gürdal Tosun.

Ahmet Danyal Topatan

Ahmet Danyal Topatan (November 17, 2014 Tarsus-October 26, 1975 Istanbul) a.k.a. Ahmet Danyal Bayri, Donial Topatan, Dalyan Toptanan or Danyal Topatan was a Turkish actor.

Ümit Deniz

Ümit Deniz (November 17, 2014 Istanbul-May 14, 1975 Istanbul) was a Turkish writer and actor.

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