Turkish music stars born in 1975

Here are 12 famous musicians from Turkey were born in 1975:

Aynur Doğan

Aynur Doğan (March 1, 1975 Çemişgezek-) also known as Aynur or Aynur Dogan is a Turkish musician and songwriter.

Her albums: Keçe Kurdan, Rewend, Nûpel and Hevra: Together.

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Funda Arar

Funda Arar (April 8, 1975 Ankara-) also known as Arar, Funda is a Turkish singer.

Her albums include Alagül, Sevda Yanığı, Son Dans, Zamanın Eli, Rüya, Sevgilerde, Bir İstanbul Masalı, Sevgiliye, Aşkın Masum Çocukları and Sessiz Sinema. Genres: Anatolian rock, Pop rock and Turkish pop music.

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Burcu Güneş

Burcu Güneş (August 12, 1975 İzmir-) also known as Burcu Günes, Burcu Gunes or Güneş, Burcu is a Turkish singer and singer-songwriter.

Her discography includes: Ay Şahit, Aşk Yarası, Tilsim, Ben Ateş Ben Su, Sihirbaz, , , Gül Kokusu, Oflaya Oflaya and Aşk Gribi. Genres she performed include Folk music, Jazz and Pop music.

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Koray Candemir

Koray Candemir (August 7, 1975 Istanbul-) is a Turkish guitarist, actor and singer-songwriter.

His albums: Sade. His related genres: Rock music.

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Burak Gürpınar

Burak Gürpınar (March 23, 1975 Istanbul-) is a Turkish musician.

Gürpınar began his music career as a guitarist in local bands in Istanbul. He later studied music theory and composition at Istanbul Technical University's State Conservatory. Gürpınar is known for his work as a composer and arranger for various Turkish artists and TV series soundtracks. He has also released several albums as a solo artist, blending traditional Turkish music with modern elements. In addition to his music career, Gürpınar is also a professor of music at Istanbul Technical University.

He has written over 100 pieces in various genres including orchestral, chamber music, and solo works. His music has been performed by many renowned orchestras and ensembles both in Turkey and across Europe. Gürpınar has also won numerous awards for his compositions and arrangements, including the best original music score award at the 2019 Adana Film Festival. In 2017, he was appointed as the conductor of the Istanbul Technical University Symphony Orchestra. Gürpınar continues to be a prominent figure in the Turkish music scene and has contributed significantly to the development and preservation of Turkish music.

Aside from his music career, Burak Gürpınar is also known for his love of literature. He has published four books on topics ranging from music and culture to philosophy and history. Gürpınar is also a regular contributor to various Turkish newspapers and magazines, writing articles on a variety of topics including arts, culture, and music education. He is an advocate for music education and has worked to develop programs that expose young people to classical music and the traditional Turkish music forms. Gürpınar is also involved in international cultural exchange programs, working to promote Turkish music and culture abroad. His contributions to music and culture have been recognized with several awards including the Presidential Cultural and Artistic Grand Prize in 2021.

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Serkan Çeliköz

Serkan Çeliköz (July 27, 1975 Turkey-) is a Turkish songwriter, keyboard player, musician and record producer.

Genres he performed: Rock music.

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Burak Güven

Burak Güven (October 19, 1975 Istanbul-) a.k.a. Güven, Burak is a Turkish singer, musician and composer.

Genres he performed include Blues and Alternative rock.

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Erdem Helvacıoğlu

Erdem Helvacıoğlu (May 22, 1975 Bursa-) also known as Erdem Helvacioglu, Erdem or Helvacıoğlu, Erdem is a Turkish film score composer and musician.

His albums include Altered Realities and Timeless Waves.

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Kool Savas

Kool Savas (February 10, 1975 Aachen-) otherwise known as King Kool Savas or Savas Yurderi is a Turkish rapper.

His discography includes: Wer hatz erfunden?, Tot oder Lebendig, Warum rapst Du?, King of Rap LP, Die John Bello Story, Die besten Tage sind gezählt, Der beste Tag meines Lebens, , and The Best of Kool Savas. Genres he performed: German hip hop.

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Atilla Taş

Atilla Taş (February 4, 1975 Ceyhan-) is a Turkish singer and actor. His child is Sezen Taş.

Related albums: Kırmızılım, Emmilenyum, Pembeli, Atilla Taş, Kınalı Kuzum, Bir Atilla Taş Albümü and Çikolata. Genres he performed include Pop music.

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Aylin Aslım

Aylin Aslım (February 14, 1975 Lich-) a.k.a. Aylin Aslim, Aslım, Aylin, Aylin Aslım ve Tayfası, Aylin Aslim ve Tayfasi or Aslım, Aylin ve Tayfası is a Turkish singer-songwriter, composer and actor.

Related albums: Gel Git, , and Gülyabani. Genres she performed include Alternative rock.

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Kerim Tekin

Kerim Tekin (April 18, 1975 Erzincan-June 28, 1998 Sandıklı) also known as Tekin, Kerim was a Turkish singer.

His albums include Haykırsam Dünyaya and Kara Gözlüm. Genres related to him: Pop music.

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