Turkish music stars born in 1979

Here are 6 famous musicians from Turkey were born in 1979:

Barış Akarsu

Barış Akarsu (June 29, 1979 Amasra-July 4, 2007 Bodrum) also known as Baris Akarsu or Akarsu, Barış was a Turkish singer.

Discography: Islak Islak, Düşmeden Bulutlarda Koşmam Gerek and Ayrılık Zamansız Gelir.... Genres he performed include Rock music, Anatolian rock, Folk rock and Hard rock.

Barış Akarsu was born in Amasra, a small town in the northern Turkish province of Bartın. He grew up in a musical family and was introduced to music early on in life. His father was a musician and Barış learned to play the guitar from him.

He attended high school in Bartın and later went on to study Marine Transportation at Istanbul Technical University. However, he dropped out of college to pursue his passion for music.

In 2005, Barış Akarsu won the television show Akademi Türkiye, which was a singing competition similar to American Idol. This catapulted him to fame and he became one of the most popular singers in Turkey.

His debut album, Islak Islak, was released in 2006 and became a huge success. The album featured a mix of rock, folk, and Anatolian rock music, and showcased Barış Akarsu's unique talent as a singer and songwriter.

Tragically, Barış Akarsu's life was cut short when he died in a car accident in Bodrum on July 4, 2007, at the young age of 28. He had just finished recording his second album, which was later released posthumously. His untimely death was a huge loss to the Turkish music scene.

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Yağmur Sarıgül

Yağmur Sarıgül (August 26, 1979 Antalya-) is a Turkish musician, songwriter and guitarist.

His related genres: Rapcore, Nu metal and Alternative rock.

Yağmur Sarıgül was born on August 26, 1979 in Antalya, Turkey. As a musician, songwriter and guitarist, he is best known for his work within the genres of Rapcore, Nu metal and Alternative rock. Over the course of his career, Sarıgül has worked with a number of prominent Turkish music artists and has released several albums of his own.

Sarıgül began his music career in the early 2000s as a member of the band Isyan. With Isyan, he helped to pioneer the fusion of heavy metal and hip-hop in Turkish music, a style that would later be referred to as "Rapcore." Isyan released their debut album in 2002, and within several years, they had established themselves as one of the leading bands within the Turkish music scene.

In addition to his work with Isyan, Sarıgül has also released several solo albums, including "Korkuyorum" (2007) and "Delilik" (2011). His music frequently explores themes of social and political commentary, addressing issues like corruption, social inequality, and oppression.

Throughout his career, Sarıgül has been recognized as one of the most innovative and influential musicians in Turkish music. His unique blend of heavy metal and hip-hop has influenced countless artists both within Turkey and around the world, and he remains a highly respected figure within the music industry.

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Bengü (April 23, 1979 İzmir-) a.k.a. Bengu is a Turkish singer.

Her albums: Bağlasan Durmam, Hoş Geldin, Taktik, Gezegen, İki Melek, Sırada Sen Varsın, Anlatacaklarım Var, Dört Dörtlük, and Ikinci Hal. Genres she performed include Pop music.

Bengü's interest in music began at a young age, inspired by her mother who was a pianist. She moved to Istanbul to pursue her singing career and later studied at Yıldız Technical University's Conservatory Department of Music. Her big break came in 2006 with the release of her album "Hoş Geldin," which was a commercial success in Turkey. Over the course of her career, Bengü has won several awards, including Best Turkish Female Pop Singer at the MÜ-YAP Music Awards. She has also been a judge on the Turkish version of the television show The Voice, and has performed at numerous concerts and festivals around the world. In addition to her music career, Bengü is also active in philanthropy, supporting various charitable organizations and causes.

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Aslı Güngör

Aslı Güngör (September 27, 1979 İzmir-) also known as Güngör, Aslı is a Turkish , .

Her albums include , and .

Aslı Güngör is a renowned Turkish pop singer, songwriter, and composer, who gained fame for her distinct voice and diverse musical range. She was born and raised in İzmir, and began her musical journey at a young age. Aslı released her debut album "Yakın" in 2009, which received critical acclaim in Turkey and beyond. Her songs often showcase a blend of different genres including jazz, funk, and electronic music. In addition to her solo career, Aslı Güngör has also collaborated and performed with many other famous musicians in the industry. Some of her notable works include the albums "Ruhun Aynası" and "Suya Hapsettim". Her music has won her many fans both in Turkey and across the world. Aslı Güngör actively supports various social and humanitarian causes and is considered as one of the leading female voices in Turkish music industry.

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Ferman Akgül

Ferman Akgül (December 25, 1979 Ankara-) is a Turkish musician, songwriter and singer.

Genres he performed: Alternative rock, Nu metal, Hip hop music, Rap music and Rap rock.

Ferman Akgul is best known as the lead vocalist of the Turkish rock band maNga. He formed the band in 2001 with his high school friends and they have since released multiple albums and represented Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010, where they placed second. In addition to his work with maNga, Akgul also released solo music and collaborated with other Turkish musicians. He is recognized for his powerful vocals and energetic stage presence. In his spare time, Akgul is also an avid gamer and participates in gaming competitions.

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Gökçe (September 9, 1979 Istanbul-) is a Turkish , .

Discography: Böğürtlenli Reçel, Beş Kuruş Yok and . Genres he performed include Alternative rock and Pop rock.

Gökçe, also known as Salt Bae, is a Turkish chef, restaurateur, and social media personality. He first gained fame for his trademark salt sprinkling technique while serving meat at his restaurant, Nusr-Et Steakhouse. Gökçe has since opened several more restaurants across the globe, including in Istanbul, Miami, and New York City. In addition to his culinary ventures, Gökçe has also made appearances in music videos and movies, including the 2017 film "The Rise of Sultan." He has a massive following on social media platforms, boasting over 30 million followers on Instagram alone.

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