Turkish music stars died at age 29

Here are 3 famous musicians from Turkey died at 29:

Nilgün Marmara

Nilgün Marmara (February 12, 1958-October 13, 1987) was a Turkish personality.

She was a popular Turkish actress, writer, and feminist activist known for her contributions to the world of theater and television. Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Marmara developed a passion for acting and writing at a young age. She performed in a range of plays and productions throughout her career, including critically-acclaimed productions of Shakespeare's works such as Hamlet and Macbeth.

Marmara was also a vocal advocate for women's rights and a supporter of the feminist movement in Turkey. She wrote extensively on issues related to gender equality, and her work helped to raise awareness about the experiences of women in Turkish society. Tragically, Marmara's life was cut short when she died in a car accident in 1987, but her legacy continues to inspire generations of artists and activists in Turkey and beyond.

Marmara was born to a family of artists and intellectuals. Her mother was a sculptor and her father was a journalist. She grew up in a creative and progressive environment that nurtured her artistic and intellectual pursuits. Marmara attended the prestigious Robert College in Istanbul and later obtained a degree in drama from the Istanbul State Conservatory.

After graduation, Marmara embarked on a successful acting career that spanned over a decade. She appeared in numerous plays, television shows, and films, earning critical acclaim for her performances. She was known for her versatility and emotional range as an actress.

In addition to her acting career, Marmara was an outspoken feminist activist. She wrote articles and gave speeches on a wide range of women's issues, including domestic violence, sexual harassment, and gender discrimination. She was a frequent participant in demonstrations and rallies advocating for women's rights.

Marmara's sudden death at the age of 29 was a shock to the Turkish artistic and intellectual communities. Her funeral was attended by thousands of mourners, including many of her fellow actors, writers, and feminists. Today, Marmara is remembered as a pioneering figure in Turkish theater and television and a trailblazer for women's rights in Turkey.

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Ruhi Su

Ruhi Su (April 5, 2015 Van-September 20, 1985 Istanbul) also known as Su, Ruhi or Mehmet Ruhi Su was a Turkish singer and singer-songwriter. He had one child, Ilgin Ruhi Su.

His albums: Kadıköy Tiyatrosu Konseri 1+2, Huma Kuşu ve Taşlamalar, Uyur İken Uyardılar, Aman Of, Dostlar Tiyatrosu Konseri, , Karacaoğlan / Pir Sultan Abdal, , and Barabar. Genres he performed: Turkish folk music.

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Cengiz Topel

Cengiz Topel (September 2, 1934 İzmit-August 8, 1964 Cyprus) was a Turkish personality.

He was a Turkish Air Force pilot and a national hero who lost his life in a critical mission during the Cyprus conflict. Topel was born in İzmit, Turkey and initially pursued a career in law before he decided to join the Turkish Air Force in 1955. He received his pilot's wings in 1957 and became a fighter pilot. Topel was known for his exceptional skills in the air, and earned several awards throughout his career. In 1964, during the Cyprus conflict, Topel was tasked with destroying a Greek radio station located in the mountains of Cyprus. Despite facing heavy enemy fire, Topel succeeded in completing his mission but was shot down while returning to his base. He was declared a national hero in Turkey and received numerous posthumous awards and honors. Today, Cengiz Topel is remembered as a symbol of courage and patriotism in Turkey.

In addition to his military career, Cengiz Topel was also a talented athlete. He was a champion wrestler and a keen footballer, and was admired for his physical fitness and strength. Topel was married to a fellow Air Force officer, and the couple had two children. Following his tragic death, numerous streets, buildings, and schools throughout Turkey have been named in his honor. Topel's legacy continues to inspire young Turkish people, and his bravery and sacrifice are celebrated every year on August 8th, which is recognized as Cengiz Topel Memorial Day. His life story has been depicted in numerous books, films, and documentaries, further cementing his status as a national hero in Turkey.

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