Turkish music stars died at age 76

Here are 5 famous musicians from Turkey died at 76:

Afet İnan

Afet İnan (November 29, 1908 Kassandra-June 8, 1985 Ankara) otherwise known as Afet Inan or A. Afetinan was a Turkish scientist. She had two children, Arı İnan and Demir İnan.

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Ruhi Sarıalp

Ruhi Sarıalp (December 15, 1924 Turkey-March 3, 2001) also known as Ruhi Sarialp was a Turkish personality.

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Kaya Köstepen

Kaya Köstepen (December 12, 1934 Aydın-June 29, 2011 Istanbul) was a Turkish personality.

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Sinan Erdem

Sinan Erdem (May 9, 1927 Manisa-July 23, 2003) was a Turkish personality.

He died as a result of liver tumour.

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İnal Batu

İnal Batu (September 24, 1936 Ankara-August 5, 2013 Istanbul) otherwise known as Inal Batu was a Turkish politician and diplomat. His child is called Pelin Batu.

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