Venezuelan movie stars born in 1955

Here are 5 famous actors from Venezuela were born in 1955:

Andrew Divoff

Andrew Divoff (July 2, 1955 San Tomé, Venezuela-) also known as Andrew Daniel Divoff, Andy Divoff, Endryu Divoff, Andy, Divov or Андрей Дивов is a Venezuelan actor and tour guide.

Guillermo Dávila

Guillermo Dávila (March 18, 1955 Caracas-) also known as Guillermo Davila is a Venezuelan singer and actor.

Jesse Corti

Jesse Corti (July 3, 1955 Venezuela-) a.k.a. Jose Juan Corti or Jessie Corti is a Venezuelan voice actor and actor. His children are called Jesse David Corti and Avrielle Corti.

John Novak

John Novak (September 9, 1955 Caracas-) also known as John Novack is a Venezuelan actor and voice actor.

Yanis Chimaras

Yanis Chimaras (August 1, 1955 Caracas-April 24, 2007 Caracas) also known as Yanis Juan Andrés Chimaras Maury was a Venezuelan actor.

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