Venezuelan movie stars died in 1995

Here are 1 famous actors from Venezuela died in 1995:

José Ignacio Cabrujas

José Ignacio Cabrujas (July 17, 1937 Caracas-October 21, 1995 Porlamar) also known as Jose Ignacio Cabrujas, José I. Cabrujas or José Ignacio Cabrujas Lofiego was a Venezuelan screenwriter, actor, writer and journalist. He had two children, Juan Francisco Cabruja and Diego Cabruja.

Cabrujas was a prolific writer, producing over fifty plays and numerous film and television scripts throughout his career. He was one of the most important Venezuelan writers of the twentieth century and his works explored a range of themes including politics, social justice, and the complexities of human relationships.

In addition to his work as a writer, Cabrujas was also an accomplished actor and journalist. He was a well-known television personality in Venezuela, hosting a number of programs throughout the 1970s and 1980s. His journalism work was also highly regarded and he served as the cultural attaché at the Venezuelan embassy in Madrid in the 1980s.

Cabrujas was widely recognized for his contributions to the arts and was awarded a number of prestigious awards during his lifetime, including the National Prize for Literature in 1985. He passed away in 1995 in Porlamar, Venezuela at the age of 58, leaving behind a legacy as one of Venezuela's most celebrated and influential writers.

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