Venezuelan musicians died at 67

Here are 4 famous musicians from Venezuela died at 67:

Guillermo Meneses

Guillermo Meneses (December 15, 1911 Caracas-December 29, 1978 Porlamar) was a Venezuelan writer.

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Rudy Regalado

Rudy Regalado (January 29, 1943 Caracas-November 4, 2010 Las Vegas) also known as Héctor José Regalado or Hector Jose Regalado was a Venezuelan musician, bandleader, percussionist, composer and educator.

His related genres: Rock music, Latin American music, Afro-Cuban jazz and Latin jazz.

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Gustavo Rodríguez

Gustavo Rodríguez (February 19, 1947 Ciudad Bolívar-April 2, 2014 Caracas) was a Venezuelan actor.

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Branko Benzon

Branko Benzon (August 29, 1903 Croatia-September 1, 1970 Caracas) was a Venezuelan physician.

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