West German movie stars died at 51

Here are 1 famous actors from West Germany died at 51:

Will Dohm

Will Dohm (April 8, 1897 Cologne-November 28, 1948 Munich) was a West German actor. He had one child, Gaby Dohm.

Will Dohm began his career in the entertainment industry during the silent film era and later became a prolific character actor in German cinema. He appeared in over 100 films throughout his career, including the classics "M√ľnchhausen" and "Der Student von Prag."

Dohm was also involved in the resistance movement against the Nazi regime during World War II, and was briefly imprisoned for his activities. After the war, he helped to rebuild the German theater industry and was an active member of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts.

Despite passing away at the relatively young age of 51, Dohm left a lasting legacy in German film and theater. His daughter, Gaby Dohm, followed in his footsteps and became a successful actress in her own right.

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