West German movie stars died in 1967

Here are 1 famous actors from West Germany died in 1967:

Paul Henckels

Paul Henckels (September 9, 1885 Hürth-May 27, 1967 Kettwig) a.k.a. Paul Henkels was a West German actor and film director.

He started his career in the theater before venturing into film in the 1920s. Henckels became a prominent actor in German cinema and worked with some of the greatest directors of his time, including Fritz Lang and Ernst Lubitsch. He appeared in over 120 films and directed 20 films in his career. Henckels was known for his comedic roles, particularly in the popular German film series "Die Feuerzangenbowle". He continued to act in films and on stage until his death in 1967.

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