West German musicians died at 46

Here are 2 famous musicians from West Germany died at 46:

Kurt Raab

Kurt Raab (July 20, 1941 Kašperské Hory-June 28, 1988 Hamburg) otherwise known as Emma Kartoffel or Timmy Herrera was a West German actor, production designer, screenwriter, playwright, film art director, film director, author and set decorator.

Kurt Raab was born in Kašperské Hory, Czechoslovakia (present-day Czech Republic) and grew up in Germany. He studied art and theater in Munich and soon after began his career as an actor in German theater productions. He worked with the likes of Rainer Werner Fassbinder, whom he met in theater and collaboration quickly led to onscreen roles.

Raab was a multi-talented artist, known not only for his acting but also for his work in production design, screenwriting, playwriting, art directing, film directing, and set decoration. He took on a number of different roles in Fassbinder's films, often playing quirky and eccentric characters. Apart from Fassbinder, he also worked with other experimental filmmakers of the period such as Werner Schroeter and Herbert Achternbusch.

Raab also directed three films on his own, including "Bergkristall" (1976) and "Der einzig mögliche Ort" (1986). He wrote several plays and novels as well. Despite his many talents, Raab sadly passed away in 1988 due to complications from HIV/AIDS.

Throughout his career, Kurt Raab was known for his avant-garde and experimental approach to filmmaking, which often explored themes of sexuality, power dynamics, and societal norms. He played a significant role in shaping the New German Cinema movement of the 1960s and 1970s, which was characterized by a fresh and unconventional approach to filmmaking.

In addition to his work in film, Raab was also a prolific stage actor, appearing in productions across Germany and beyond. He was a founding member of the Munich Kammerspiele theater and worked extensively with other prominent German theaters such as the Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz in Berlin.

Despite his untimely death at the age of 46, Kurt Raab's influence on German cinema and theater continues to be felt to this day. He was widely regarded as an innovative and visionary artist, whose daring and unapologetic approach challenged audiences and critics alike.

He died in hiv/aids.

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Rio Reiser

Rio Reiser (January 9, 1950 Berlin-August 20, 1996 Stadum) a.k.a. Ralph Christian Mobius, Ralph Christian Möbius, R. Reiser or Rio de Galaxis was a West German singer, musician, actor, film score composer, composer and songwriter.

His discography includes: Live in der Seelenbinder-Halle, Am Piano II, Am Piano I, Balladen, Himmel & Hölle, Das Beste von Rio Reiser, Über Alles, Durch die Wand, Rio and Blinder Passagier. His related genres: Folk rock and Protopunk.

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