Albanian music stars born in 1985

Here are 6 famous musicians from Albania were born in 1985:

Luiz Ejlli

Luiz Ejlli (July 12, 1985 Shkodër-) also known as Ejlli, Luiz is an Albanian singer.

Genres: Pop music, Pop-folk, Chalga, Balkan pop and Pop-folk.

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Shpat Kasapi

Shpat Kasapi (May 1, 1985 Tetovo-) also known as Kasapi, Shpat is an Albanian , .

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Miriam Cani

Miriam Cani (May 30, 1985 Elbasan-) also known as Cani, Miriam is an Albanian presenter and singer.

Genres related to her: Pop music and Soul music.

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Tuna (July 14, 1985 Skopje-) also known as Altuna Sejdiu is an Albanian singer-songwriter.

Her most recognized albums: Tuna and S'ka me diktaturë. Genres: Pop music and Hip hop music.

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Claydee (June 7, 1985 Tirana-) is an Albanian record producer and singer-songwriter.

His albums: Sexy Papi and . Genres: Pop music, Dance-pop, House music and Rhythm and blues.

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Bleona (May 14, 1985 Korçë-) a.k.a. Bleona, Madonna Of Albania, Bleonaire, Albanian Superstar, Reality Star, Pop Diva, Pop Princess, F***k You I'm Famous Singer, Bleona Qereti or Bleonaires is an Albanian singer, actor and musician.

Her albums: Kam Qejfin Tim, Nese Me Do Fort, S'me Behet Vone, Ik Meso Si Dashurohet, Ti Nuk Di As Me Ma Lyp, Greatest Hits, Boom Boom and Mandarin. Genres: Dance music and Rhythm and blues.

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