British actresses born in 1945

Here are 26 famous actresses from United Kingdom were born in 1945:

Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson (December 17, 1945 Bath-) also known as Jacqueline Wilson OBE, Dame Jacqueline Wilson, Jackie, Jacqueline Aitken or Jacky Daydream is a British author, actor, writer and novelist. She has one child, Emma Wilson.

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Mary Millington

Mary Millington (November 30, 1945 Kenton-August 19, 1979 Walton-on-the-Hill) also known as Mary Ruth Quilter, Mary Maxted, Nancy Astley, Susan David, Janet Green, Samantha Jones, June Taylor, Karen Young, Sally Stevens or Marion Ellis was a British pornographic film actor, actor and model.

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Maria Aitken

Maria Aitken (September 12, 1945 Dublin-) a.k.a. Maria Penelope Katharine Aitken is a British actor, theatre director, teacher, screenwriter, television producer and writer. She has one child, Jack Davenport.

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Zienia Merton

Zienia Merton (December 11, 1945 Myanmar-) is a British actor.

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Jennifer Moss

Jennifer Moss (January 10, 1945 Wigan-October 5, 2006) also known as Jenny Moss or Moss, Jenny was a British actor.

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Alibe Parsons

Alibe Parsons (December 21, 1945 United States of America-) is a British actor.

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Jill Haworth

Jill Haworth (August 15, 1945 Hove-January 3, 2011 New York City) a.k.a. Valerie Jill Haworth was a British actor.

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Tamara Ustinov

Tamara Ustinov (July 25, 1945 London-) a.k.a. Tammy Ustinov is a British actor.

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Francesca Annis

Francesca Annis (May 14, 1945 Kensington-) a.k.a. Francesca M. P. Annis is a British actor. She has three children, Taran Wiseman, Andreas Wiseman and Charlotte Wiseman.

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Janet Key

Janet Key (July 10, 1945 Bath-July 26, 1992 London) was a British actor.

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Melanie Morse MacQuarrie

Melanie Morse MacQuarrie (June 13, 1945 London-February 1, 2005 Montague) a.k.a. Melanie Morse, Melanie Virginia Sydney Morse, Big Mel or Melanie Virginia Sydney Morse MacQuarrie was a British actor. She had two children, Vanessa Root Archer and Megan MacQuarrie.

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Liz Edmiston

Liz Edmiston (May 21, 1945 Gosport-April 10, 2008) a.k.a. Elizabeth Edmiston was a British actor.

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Catherine Wilkin

Catherine Wilkin (August 22, 1945 England-) is a British actor.

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Vickery Turner

Vickery Turner (April 3, 1945 Sunbury-on-Thames-April 4, 2006 Los Angeles) also known as Christine Hazel Turner was a British actor, playwright, author, novelist, theatre director and screenwriter. She had one child, Caitlin Shannon.

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Nicola Pagett

Nicola Pagett (June 15, 1945 Cairo-) a.k.a. Nicola Scott or Nicola Mary Scott is a British actor.

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Viviane Ventura

Viviane Ventura (December 5, 1945 London-) also known as Vivienne Ventura or Vivian Ventura is a British actor. She has one child, Sheherazade Goldsmith.

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Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren (July 26, 1945 Hammersmith-) a.k.a. Ilyena Lydia Vasilievna Mironoff, Helen Lydia Mironoff, Dame Helen Lydia Mirren, Dame Helen Lydia Mirren, DBE, Dame Helen Lydia Mironoff, Dame Helen Mirren, Popper or Dame Helen Mirren DBE is a British actor, voice actor and film producer.

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Angela Scoular

Angela Scoular (November 8, 1945 London-April 11, 2011 Maida Vale) also known as Angela Margaret Scoular, Angela Margaret Scoular Phillips or Angela Phillips was a British actor. She had one child, Daniel Phillips.

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Virginia North

Virginia North (January 1, 1945 London-June 5, 2004 East Sussex) also known as Virginia North, Lady White, Virginia, Lady White or Virginia Anne Northrop was a British actor and model. She had one child, Lucas White.

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Christine Williams

Christine Williams (January 7, 1945 Basingstoke-) is a British actor.

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Fiona Richmond

Fiona Richmond (March 2, 1945 Hilborough-) also known as Julia Rosamund Harrison or Amber Harrison is a British actor and model. She has one child, Tara Montgomery.

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Bianca Jagger

Bianca Jagger (May 2, 1945 Managua-) a.k.a. Bianca Perez Morena de Macias, The Former Mrs. Mick Jagger, Bianca Perez Moreno De Macias, Bianca De Macias, Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias, Bianca Pérez-Moreno de Macías or Bianca Pérez-Mora Macías is a British actor, model and activist. She has one child, Jade Jagger.

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Janet Wright

Janet Wright (March 8, 1945 England-) is a British actor and theatre director. She has three children, Rachel Davis, Celine Richmond and Jacob Richmond.

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Laila Morse

Laila Morse (August 1, 1945 Dorking-) also known as Maureen Oldman, Jackie Wyles or Maureen Laila Oldman is a British actor. She has two children, Gerry Bromfield and Tracy Bromfield.

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Eileen O'Brien

Eileen O'Brien (December 4, 1945 Liverpool-) is a British actor. Her child is called Hannah Mallatratt.

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Hilary Dwyer

Hilary Dwyer (May 6, 1945 Liverpool-) also known as Hilary Heath or Hillary Dwyer is a British actor and businessperson. She has two children, Laura Heath and Daniel Heath.

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