Spanish movie actresses born in the year 1964

Here are 7 famous actresses from Spain were born in 1964:

Mónica Bardem

Mónica Bardem (May 4, 1964 Madrid-) otherwise known as Mónica María Encinas Bardem or Monica Bardem is a Spanish actor and restaurateur. She has one child, Pablo González Encinas.

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Emma Suárez

Emma Suárez (June 25, 1964 Madrid-) also known as Emma Suarez, Enma Suárez or Emma Suárez Bodelón is a Spanish actor. She has two children, Juan Estelrich and Ada Marta Chango.

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Rossy de Palma

Rossy de Palma (September 16, 1964 Palma, Majorca-) a.k.a. Rosa Elena Garcia Echave, Palma, Rossy de, Rosy Von Donna, Rossi de Palma, Rosi De Palma, Rossy De Palma, Rosy de Palma or Rosa Elena García Echave is a Spanish actor, model, singer, presenter and dancer.

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Anabel Alonso

Anabel Alonso (November 11, 1964 Barakaldo-) also known as Ana Isabel Alonso Gómez or Anabel Isabel Alonso Gomez is a Spanish presenter, actor, comedian and voice actor.

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Blanca Li

Blanca Li (January 12, 1964 Granada-) also known as Blanca Gutiérrez is a Spanish actor, film director, ballet dancer and choreographer.

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Sílvia Marsó

Sílvia Marsó (March 8, 1964 Barcelona-) a.k.a. Silvia Marsó is a Spanish actor.

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Mariana Cordero

Mariana Cordero (August 1, 1964 Barcelona-) is a Spanish actor and teacher. Her child is called Lara Grube.

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