American movie stars born in 1903

Here are 50 famous actors from United States of America were born in 1903:

Lewis Sargent

Lewis Sargent (August 19, 1903 Los Angeles-November 19, 1970 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Louis Sargeant, Lew Sargent or Lewis W. Sargent was an American actor.

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Frank McGrath

Frank McGrath (February 2, 1903 Mound City-May 13, 1967 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. Benjamin Franklin McGrath or Benjamin Franklin "Frank" McGrath was an American actor and stunt performer.

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Rex Lease

Rex Lease (February 11, 1903 West Virginia-January 3, 1966 Van Nuys) a.k.a. Rex Lloyd Lease was an American actor and screenwriter.

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Ted de Corsia

Ted de Corsia (September 29, 1903 Brooklyn-April 11, 1973 Encino) a.k.a. Edward Gildea De Corsia, Ted De Corsia or Ted deCorsia was an American actor and voice actor. His child is called Deidre Corsia.

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Joseph Attles

Joseph Attles (April 7, 1903 James Island-October 29, 1990) a.k.a. Joseph E. Attles or Joe Attles was an American actor.

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Hardie Albright

Hardie Albright (December 16, 1903 Charleroi-December 7, 1975 Mission Viejo) otherwise known as Hardie Albrecht or Hardie Hunter Albrecht was an American actor, teacher and author. He had one child, Victoria Albright.

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Rex Bell

Rex Bell (October 16, 1903 Chicago-July 4, 1962 Las Vegas) also known as George Francis Beldam was an American politician and actor. His children are called Rex Bell Jr. and George Beldam, Jr..

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Richard Loo

Richard Loo (October 1, 1903 Maui-November 20, 1983 Los Angeles) was an American actor. He had three children, Beverly Jane Loo, Angeles Marie Loo and Christel Hope Mintz.

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Leonard Barr

Leonard Barr (September 27, 1903 West Virginia-November 22, 1980 Burbank) also known as Leonard Barra or Barr and Estes was an American comedian and actor.

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Clyde Beatty

Clyde Beatty (June 10, 1903 Bainbridge-July 19, 1965 Ventura) was an American actor and animal trainer.

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Don Beddoe

Don Beddoe (July 1, 1903 Pittsburgh-January 19, 1991 Laguna Hills) a.k.a. Donald T. Beddoe, Donald Beddoe, Donald Theophilus Beddoe or Don T. Beddoe was an American actor.

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Edgar Buchanan

Edgar Buchanan (March 20, 1903 Humansville-April 4, 1979 Palm Desert) also known as William Edgar Buchanan was an American actor and dentist. His child is called Buck Buchanan.

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Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby (May 3, 1903 Tacoma-October 14, 1977 La Moraleja) also known as Bing Cropsby, Bong Crosby, Bin Crosby, Bing Cosby, Harry Lillis Crosby, Der Bingle, The old groaner, Harry, Harry Lillis "Bing" Crosby, Bing Crosby & Family, Crosby, Bing & Family, Bing, Bing Croveny, Binge Crosby, Bingo from Bingville or The Rhythm Boys was an American singer, actor, golfer, singer-songwriter, film producer and entrepreneur. His children are called Lindsay Crosby, Dennis Crosby, Nathaniel Crosby, Harry Crosby, Mary Crosby, Gary Crosby and Phillip Crosby.

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Francis X. Bushman, Jr.

Francis X. Bushman, Jr. (May 1, 1903 Baltimore-April 16, 1978 Los Angeles) also known as Ralph Everly Bushman, Francis X. Bushman Jr. or Ralph Bushman was an American actor. He had one child, Barbara Bushman.

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Edgar Bergen

Edgar Bergen (February 16, 1903 Decatur-September 30, 1978 Paradise) otherwise known as Edgar John Bergen, Edgar John Berggren, Eddie, Edgar John Bergren or Charlie McCarthy was an American actor, ventriloquist, comedian, radio personality, voice actor and comic book creator. He had two children, Candice Bergen and Kris Bergen.

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Bob Hope

Bob Hope (May 29, 1903 Eltham-July 27, 2003 Toluca Lake) also known as Leslie Townes Hope, `Old Ski Nose`, Lester Townes Hope, Robert Hope, Packy East, Lester T. Hope, Old Ski Nose, Lester Hope or Bob was an American comedian, golfer, actor, film producer, author, singer, dancer, athlete, lineman, butcher, professional boxer, television producer, vaudeville performer and screenwriter. He had four children, William Kelly Francis Hope, Linda Hope, Eleanora Hope and Anthony J. Hope.

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Ward Bond

Ward Bond (April 9, 1903 Benkelman-November 5, 1960 Dallas) also known as Wardell E. Bond, Ward, Wardell Edwin Bond or Wardell Edwin "Ward" Bond was an American actor and american football player.

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Jack Oakie

Jack Oakie (November 12, 1903 Sedalia-January 23, 1978 Los Angeles) also known as Lewis Delaney Offield, O (a) kie or Oakie was an American actor.

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Luther Adler

Luther Adler (May 4, 1903 New York City-December 8, 1984 Kutztown) also known as Lutha Adler or Lutha J. Alder was an American actor, theatre director and teacher. He had one child, Jacob Adler.

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Warren Hull

Warren Hull (January 17, 1903 Gasport-September 14, 1974 Waterbury) a.k.a. John Warren Hull or J. Warren Hull was an American actor, broadcaster and tv personality. His children are called Ann Southwick Hull, John Jr. Hull, George Hull and Paul Hull.

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Charles Starrett

Charles Starrett (March 28, 1903 Athol-March 22, 1986 Borrego Springs) was an American actor.

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Hal LeSueur

Hal LeSueur (September 3, 1903 San Antonio-May 3, 1963 Los Angeles) also known as Henry Hays Le Sueur, Hal Hays LeSueur or Hal Le Sueur was an American actor. He had one child, Joan Lowe.

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Tom Tyler

Tom Tyler (August 9, 1903 Port Henry-May 3, 1954 Hamtramck) also known as Tyler Belcher or Vincent Markowski was an American actor, weightlifter, sailor and miner.

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Norman Foster

Norman Foster (December 13, 1903 Richmond-July 7, 1976 Santa Monica) otherwise known as Norman Hoeffer, Norman Foster Hoeffer or John Hoeffer was an American film director, actor, television director, screenwriter, journalist and playwright. His children are called Robert Foster and Gretchen Foster.

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Eddie Acuff

Eddie Acuff (June 3, 1903 Caruthersville-December 17, 1956 Hollywood) also known as Edward Acuff or Edward DeKalb Acuff was an American actor.

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Bunny Breckinridge

Bunny Breckinridge (August 6, 1903 Paris-November 5, 1996 San Francisco) also known as John Cabell "Bunny" Breckinridge, John Breckinridge or John Cabell Breckinridge was an American actor.

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George J. Lewis

George J. Lewis (December 10, 1903 Guadalajara-December 8, 1995 Rancho Santa Fe) a.k.a. George Lewis, Jorge Lewis or Geroge Lewis was an American actor.

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LeRoy Mason

LeRoy Mason (July 2, 1903 Larimore-October 13, 1947 Los Angeles) also known as Roy Mason, Leroy Frankling Mason, Leroy Mason or Le Roy Mason was an American actor.

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William Haade

William Haade (March 2, 1903 New York City-November 15, 1966 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Wm. Haade, Bill Haade or William L. Haade was an American actor.

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John Harron

John Harron (March 31, 1903 New York City-November 24, 1939 Seattle) also known as John T. Harron, Johnny Harron, Johnn Harron, Johnny Haron, John Thomas Harron, Johnnie Harron or John (Johnnie) Harron was an American actor. He had one child, Colleene Harron.

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Morgan Conway

Morgan Conway (March 17, 1903 Livingston-November 16, 1981 Los Angeles) also known as Sydney Conway was an American actor. His child is called Ben Conway.

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Eddie Laughton

Eddie Laughton (June 20, 1903 Sheffield-March 21, 1952 Hollywood) a.k.a. Edgar Hugh Loughton, Edward Laughton or Ed Laughton was an American actor.

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Gene Roth

Gene Roth (January 8, 1903 Redfield-July 19, 1976 Los Angeles) also known as Eugene Stutenroth, Eugene H. Roth, Eugene O. Roth, Gene Stutenroth, Eugene Roth, Eugene Oliver Edgar Stutenroth or Eyugene Roth was an American actor. He had three children, Dorene Roth, Eugene Arthur Roth and Rosemarie Roth.

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Dayton Lummis

Dayton Lummis (August 8, 1903 Summit-March 23, 1988 Santa Monica) a.k.a. Dayton Lumis or Dayton Lummis. Sr. was an American actor and cattle rancher. His child is called Dayton Lummis, Jr..

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Gordon Westcott

Gordon Westcott (November 6, 1903 St. George-October 31, 1935 Hollywood) also known as Myrthus Hickman was an American actor. His children are called Helen Westcott and Louis C. Hickman.

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Tor Johnson

Tor Johnson (October 19, 1903 Kalmar-May 12, 1971 San Fernando) a.k.a. Tor Johansson, The Super Swedish Angel, Thor Johnson or Karl Oscar Tore Johansson was an American actor and wrestler. He had one child, Karl Johnson.

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Clinton Sundberg

Clinton Sundberg (December 7, 1903 Appleton-December 14, 1987 Santa Monica) also known as Clint Sundberg, Clinton Sunberg or Clintron Sundburg was an American actor.

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Dick Campbell

Dick Campbell (June 27, 1903 Beaumont-December 20, 1994 New York City) otherwise known as Cornelius Coleridge Campbell was an American singer, actor, theatre director, dancer and arts administrator. He had three children, Diana Wilson Campbell, Paulette Wilson Campbell and Patricia Wilson Campbell.

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Francis L. Sullivan

Francis L. Sullivan (January 6, 1903 Wandsworth-November 19, 1956 New York City) also known as Francis Loftus Sullivan, Francis Sullivan, François Sully, Francis L.Sullivan or Francis Sullavan was an American actor.

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Dean Jagger

Dean Jagger (November 7, 1903 Columbus Grove-February 5, 1991 Santa Monica) otherwise known as Ira Dean Jagger or Jeffrey Dean was an American actor, character actor and teacher.

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Don Dillaway

Don Dillaway (March 17, 1903 New York City-November 18, 1982 West Lake) a.k.a. Donald Dillaway, Donald Dilloway or Donald "Don" Dillaway was an American actor.

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Stuart Erwin

Stuart Erwin (February 14, 1903 Squaw Valley-December 21, 1967 Beverly Hills) also known as Stu Erwin or Stuart Phillip Erwin was an American actor. His children are called Judy Erwin and Stuart Erwin Jr..

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Paul Page

Paul Page (May 13, 1903 Birmingham-April 28, 1974 Hermosa Beach) also known as Campbell U. Hicks was an American actor.

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Leonid Kinskey

Leonid Kinskey (April 18, 1903 Saint Petersburg-September 8, 1998 Fountain Hills) also known as Leonid Kinsky, The Mad Russian, L. Kinsky or Mad Russian was an American actor and singer.

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George Givot

George Givot (February 18, 1903 Omaha-June 7, 1984 Palm Springs) also known as Givot, George was an American actor.

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Louis Jean Heydt

Louis Jean Heydt (April 17, 1903 Montclair-January 29, 1960 Boston) also known as Louis Heydt was an American actor.

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Peter Brocco

Peter Brocco (January 16, 1903 Reading-December 20, 1992 Los Angeles) also known as Carl Peter Brocco was an American actor.

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Wilton Graff

Wilton Graff (August 13, 1903 St. Louis-January 13, 1969 Pacific Palisades) a.k.a. Milton Graff or Wilton Calvert Ratcliffe was an American actor. He had one child, Nancy Graff.

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J. Edward Bromberg

J. Edward Bromberg (December 25, 1903 Timișoara-December 6, 1951 London) a.k.a. Josef Bromberger, Joseph Edward Bromberg, J.Edward Bromberg or Joseph Bromberg was an American actor. He had one child, Conrad Bromberg.

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John Davis Lodge

John Davis Lodge (October 20, 1903 Washington, D.C.-October 29, 1985 New York City) also known as John Lodge was an American actor, lawyer and politician. He had two children, Lily Lodge and Beatrice Lodge de Oyarzabal .

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