American movie stars born in 1924

Here are 50 famous actors from United States of America were born in 1924:

James Baldwin

James Baldwin (August 2, 1924 Harlem-December 1, 1987 Saint Paul de Vence) otherwise known as James Arthur Baldwin was an American writer, novelist, poet, playwright, essayist, activist and actor.

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Ed Wood

Ed Wood (October 10, 1924 Poughkeepsie-December 10, 1978 North Hollywood) also known as Edward Davis Wood, Jr., Edward Davis "Ed" Wood, Jr., Ed Woods, Akdon Telmig, Dick Trent, Don Miller, E.D. Wood, Daniel Davis, Akdov Telmig, Edward Everett, Pete LaRoche, Edw. D. Wood Jr., Flint Holloway, Ed Wood Jr., Eddie, Edward D. Wood Jr., The World's Worst Director or Woody was an American author, screenwriter, film producer, film director, actor, writer and film editor. His child is called Kathleen Emily Wood.

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Lee Marvin

Lee Marvin (February 19, 1924 New York City-August 29, 1987 Tucson) was an American actor and soldier. His children are called Courtenay Marvin, Claudia Marvin, Cynthia Marvin and Christopher Marvin.

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Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando (April 3, 1924 Omaha-July 1, 2004 Westwood) otherwise known as Marlon Brando, Jr., Bud, Mr. Mumbles or Marlon Brando Jr. was an American actor. He had 15 children, Christian Brando, Cheyenne Brando, Stephen Blackehart, Maimiti Brando, Ninna Priscilla Brando, Timothy Gahan Brando, Rebecca Brando, Myles Jonathan Brando, Dylan Brando, Simon Teihotu Brando, Miko Castaneda Brando, Raiatua Brando, Angelique Brando, Michael Gilman and Petra Brando-Corval.

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Rod Serling

Rod Serling (December 25, 1924 Syracuse-June 28, 1975 Rochester) otherwise known as Rodman Edward Serling, Rodman Edward "Rod" Serling or John Phillips was an American television producer, actor, screenwriter, playwright, narrator and film producer. He had two children, Anne Serling and Jodi Serling.

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Truman Capote

Truman Capote (September 30, 1924 New Orleans-August 25, 1984 Bel-Air) a.k.a. Truman Streckfus Persons, Mr. Capote, Capote, Truman, Bulldog or Truman Garcia Capote was an American writer, novelist, screenwriter, actor and playwright.

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Don O'Kelly

Don O'Kelly (March 17, 1924 Brooklyn-October 2, 1966 Culver City) also known as Don Kelly, Donald Patrick Kelly or Donald O'Kelly was an American actor. He had three children, Michael David Kelly, Brent Robert Kelly and Raymond Joseph Kelly.

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Carroll O'Connor

Carroll O'Connor (August 2, 1924 Manhattan-June 21, 2001 Culver City) also known as John Carroll O'Connor or Matt Harris was an American actor, television producer, television director, comedian and screenwriter. He had one child, Hugh O'Connor.

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Ed Koch

Ed Koch (December 12, 1924 The Bronx-February 1, 2013 Manhattan) also known as Edward I. Koch, Edward Irving Koch, Edward I. Koch Mayor, Edward Koch, Mayor Edward Kotch, Former Mayor Edward I. Koch, Hon. Edward I. Koch, Mayor Edward I. Koch, Mayor Ed Koch, The Honorable Edward I. Koch or Mayor Edward Koch was an American lawyer, politician, actor, film critic, commentator, food critic, author, radio personality, presenter and teacher.

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Buddy Hackett

Buddy Hackett (August 31, 1924 Brooklyn-June 30, 2003 Malibu) also known as Leonard Hacker, Hackett, Buddy or Lenny Hacker was an American comedian, actor and voice actor. He had three children, Sandy Hackett, Ivy Julie Hackett and Lisa Jean Hackett.

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Don Knotts

Don Knotts (July 21, 1924 Morgantown-February 24, 2006 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Jesse Donald Knotts or Jesse Donald "Don" Knotts was an American comedian, actor and voice actor. He had two children, Karen Knotts and Thomas Knotts.

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James Kirkwood Jr.

James Kirkwood Jr. (August 22, 1924 Hollywood-April 21, 1989 New York City) also known as James Kirkwood, Jim Kirkwood, Goodman and Kirkwood, James Kirkwood, Jr., Jim Kirkwood Jr. or Jimmy Kirkwood was an American writer, novelist, playwright, actor and author.

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Sidney Lumet

Sidney Lumet (June 25, 1924 Philadelphia-April 9, 2011 New York City) a.k.a. Sydney Lumet, Alan Smithee or Sidney Arthur Lumet was an American film director, screenwriter, film producer, television producer, actor and television director. He had two children, Jenny Lumet and Amy Lumet.

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Dennis Weaver

Dennis Weaver (June 4, 1924 Joplin-February 24, 2006 Ridgway) also known as William Dennis Weaver, Billy Dennis Weaver, Dennis "Chester" Weaver or Chester Weaver was an American actor, pilot and television director. He had three children, Robby Weaver, Rusty Weaver and Rick Weaver.

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Pat Hingle

Pat Hingle (July 19, 1924 Miami-January 3, 2009 Carolina Beach) also known as Martin Patterson Hingle, Pat or Martin Patterson "Pat" Hingle was an American actor and film producer. He had three children, Jody Hingle, Billy Hingle and Molly Hingle.

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Wally Cox

Wally Cox (December 6, 1924 Detroit-February 15, 1973 Hollywood) a.k.a. Wallace Maynard Cox was an American actor and comedian.

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Theodore Bikel

Theodore Bikel (May 2, 1924 Vienna-) otherwise known as Theo Bikel, Theodor Meir Bikel, Bikel, Theodore, Theo or Theodore Meir Bikel is an American actor, musician, singer, businessperson, record producer and teacher.

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Roberts Blossom

Roberts Blossom (March 25, 1924 New Haven-July 8, 2011 Santa Monica) a.k.a. Roberts Scott Blossom or Bartholomew Roberts Blossom was an American actor, poet and playwright. He had two children, Debbie Blossom and Michael Blossom.

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Guy Williams

Guy Williams (January 14, 1924 New York City-May 7, 1989 Buenos Aires) a.k.a. Armando Joseph Catalano, "the Comb", Guido or Armando was an American model and actor. He had two children, Steven Catalano and Toni Catalano.

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Terry Southern

Terry Southern (May 1, 1924 Alvarado-October 29, 1995 Manhattan) a.k.a. Maxwell Kenton or Norwood Pratt was an American novelist, screenwriter, writer, essayist, actor and film producer. His child is called Nile Southern.

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Stanley Donen

Stanley Donen (April 13, 1924 Columbia-) also known as The King of Musicals or The King of the Hollywood Musical is an American film director, film producer, choreographer, dancer, theatre director and actor. He has three children, Joshua Donen, Mark Donen and Peter Donen.

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Billy Barty

Billy Barty (October 25, 1924 Millsboro, Pennsylvania-December 23, 2000 Glendale) a.k.a. William John Bertanzetti or Fairie was an American actor and voice actor. His children are called Lori Barty and Braden Barty.

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Gary Morton

Gary Morton (December 19, 1924 The Bronx-March 30, 1999 Palm Springs) a.k.a. Morton Goldaper was an American comedian, television producer, actor and film producer.

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James Wheaton

James Wheaton (January 11, 1924 Meridian-June 9, 2002 Los Angeles) also known as James Lorenzo Wheaton or James Lorenzo was an American actor. He had one child, Frank K. Wheaton.

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Allen Swift

Allen Swift (January 16, 1924 New York City-April 18, 2010 New York City) also known as Ira Stadlen or Alan Swift was an American actor and voice actor. He had three children, Lewis J. Stadlen, Maxime Stadlen and Clare A. Stadlen.

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Russell Johnson

Russell Johnson (November 10, 1924 Ashley-January 16, 2014 Bainbridge Island) also known as Russell David Johnson, Russell D. Johnson or The Professor was an American actor, navigator and voice actor. His children are called Kim Johnson and David Johnson.

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Mark Lenard

Mark Lenard (October 15, 1924 Chicago-November 22, 1996 New York City) also known as Leonard Rosenson was an American actor. His children are called Roberta Lenard and Catherine Lenard.

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Herk Harvey

Herk Harvey (June 3, 1924 Windsor-April 3, 1996 Lawrence) was an American film director and actor.

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Fess Parker

Fess Parker (August 16, 1924 Fort Worth-March 18, 2010 Santa Ynez) also known as Fess Elisha Parker, Jr., Fessbo or Fess Elisha Parker Jr. was an American actor, winemaker, businessperson and voice actor. He had two children, Ashley Allen Rinehart and Fess Elisha Parker III.

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Norman Fell

Norman Fell (March 24, 1924 Philadelphia-December 14, 1998 Woodland Hills) also known as Norman Feld, Norman Noah Feld or Norman N. Fell was an American actor.

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William Marshall

William Marshall (August 19, 1924 Gary-June 11, 2003 Los Angeles) also known as William Horace Marshall, Bill Marshall or Wiliam Marshall was an American actor and opera singer. His children are called Gina Loring, Tariq Marshall, Claude Marshall and Malcolm Juarez.

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Leonard Kibrick

Leonard Kibrick (September 6, 1924 Minneapolis-January 4, 1993 Rancho Mirage) was an American actor and child actor.

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George Savalas

George Savalas (December 5, 1924 The Bronx-October 2, 1985 Westwood) otherwise known as George Demosthenes, George Demosthenes Savalas, Demosthenes, Demosthenes Savalas or Georgie was an American sailor and actor. He had six children, Nicholas George Savalas, Leonidas George Savalas, Constantine George Savalas, Gregory George Savalas, Matthew George Savalas and Militza Savalas.

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Glenn Davis

Glenn Davis (December 26, 1924 Claremont-March 9, 2005 La Quinta) also known as Mr. Outside, Mr. Inside or Glenn Woodward Davis was an American football player and actor. His child is called Ralph Davis.

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Gene Deitch

Gene Deitch (August 8, 1924 Chicago-) a.k.a. Eugene Merrill Deitch, Eugene Merril "Gene" Deitch, G. Deitch or Eugene Merril Deitch is an American animator, film director, screenwriter, actor, production designer, film producer, art director, illustrator and television director. He has three children, Kim Deitch, Simon Deitch and Seth Deitch.

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Nicholas Colasanto

Nicholas Colasanto (January 19, 1924 Providence-February 12, 1985 Studio City) otherwise known as Nicola Colasanto, Nick Colasanto, Nick or Nicky was an American actor and television director.

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Peter Thomas

Peter Thomas (June 28, 1924 Pensacola-) also known as Colin Beardsley or Peter A. Thomas is an American actor and narrator. He has one child, Peter Thomas Jr..

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Art Fleming

Art Fleming (May 1, 1924 New York City-April 25, 1995 Crystal River) also known as Arthur Fleming Fazzin or Arthur Fleming was an American actor, game show host and presenter.

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Jack Weston

Jack Weston (August 21, 1924 Cleveland-May 3, 1996 New York City) also known as Jack Weinstein or Jack Western was an American actor.

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Jackie Vernon

Jackie Vernon (March 29, 1924 New York City-November 10, 1987 Hollywood) otherwise known as Ralph Verrone was an American comedian, actor and voice actor.

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Joseph Campanella

Joseph Campanella (November 21, 1924 New York City-) also known as Joseph Anthony Campanella, Joseph A. Campanella, Joe Campanella or Joe Campenella is an American actor, soldier, sheriff, voice actor and narrator. He has two children, Dominic Campanella and Rob Campanella.

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Sidney Armus

Sidney Armus (December 19, 1924 The Bronx-June 2, 2002 Manhattan) a.k.a. Sid Armus was an American actor.

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Sabu Dastagir

Sabu Dastagir (January 27, 1924 Mysore-December 2, 1963 Chatsworth) a.k.a. Selar Shaik Sabu, Sabu Francis or Sabu was an American actor. His children are called Paul Sabu and Jasmine Sabu.

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Bill Dana

Bill Dana (October 5, 1924 Quincy-) also known as William Szathmary or William Dana is an American comedian, screenwriter, actor and author.

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Bobo Brazil

Bobo Brazil (July 10, 1924 Little Rock-January 20, 1998 St. Joseph) also known as Houston Harris, The South American Giant, Boo-Boo Brazil or BuBu Brasil was an American wrestler and actor.

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William Diehl

William Diehl (December 4, 1924 Queens-November 24, 2006 Atlanta) was an American novelist and actor.

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Scott Brady

Scott Brady (September 13, 1924 Brooklyn-April 16, 1985 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Gerard Kenneth Tierney, Gerard Gilbert, Brady, Scott, Jerry, Gerard "Jerry" Kenneth Tierney or Gerard Tierney was an American actor. He had two children, Terence Tierney and Timothy Tierney.

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Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown

Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (April 18, 1924 Vinton-September 10, 2005 Orange) also known as Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Gatemouth Brown, Clarence Brown, Clearence Gatemouth Brown, Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown, Clarence 'Gatermouth' Brown, Brown, Clarence Gatemouth or Gatemouth, Gate was an American musician and actor.

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John Keston

John Keston (December 5, 1924 England-) also known as Francis Douglas Arthur Caston is an American actor.

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Mel Welles

Mel Welles (February 17, 1924 New York City-August 18, 2005 Norfolk) otherwise known as Ira Meltcher, Mell Welles, Mel Wells or Ernst von Theumer was an American actor, film director, businessperson, teacher, psychologist, disc jockey, writer and voice actor. He had two children, Kevin Welles and Woody Welles.

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