American movie stars born in 1948

Here are 50 famous actors from United States of America were born in 1948:

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson (December 21, 1948 Washington, D.C.-) also known as King of Cool, Mr Cool, Sam, Samuel Leroy Jackson, Samuel Jackson or Sam Jackson is an American actor, film producer, television producer, voice actor and singer. He has one child, Zoe Jackson.

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Teller (February 14, 1948 Philadelphia-) also known as Raymond Joseph Teller, Penn and Teller, Penn & Teller or Elmo is an American actor, film producer, screenwriter, magician, illusionist, painter, comedian, writer, television producer, film director and teacher.

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Marc Singer

Marc Singer (January 29, 1948 Vancouver-) also known as Mark Singer is an American actor. He has one child, Phoebe Singer.

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Don Creech

Don Creech (October 30, 1948 New York-) is an American actor.

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Tommy Nolan

Tommy Nolan (January 15, 1948 Montreal-) also known as Bernard Girouard, Butch Bernard, Tommy Nolan or Tom Nolan is an American writer and actor.

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Robert Ginty

Robert Ginty (November 14, 1948 Brooklyn-September 21, 2009 Los Angeles) also known as Walter Robert Ginty, Christopher Robert Ginty, Robert Winthrop Ginty, The Paper Chase Guy, R.W. Ginty or Robert Ginity was an American film producer, film director, actor, screenwriter and television director. He had two children, James Francis Ginty and Marissa Ginty.

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Ken Lerner

Ken Lerner (May 27, 1948 Brooklyn-) also known as Kenneth Lerner is an American actor, teacher, businessperson and acting coach. He has two children, Sam Lerner and Jenny Lerner.

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Phillip Alford

Phillip Alford (September 11, 1948 Gadsden-) also known as Philip Alford is an American actor and businessperson.

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David Hammond

David Hammond (June 3, 1948 New York City-) is an American film director and actor.

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Jeff MacKay

Jeff MacKay (October 20, 1948 Dallas-August 22, 2008 Tulsa) also known as Jeffery Neill MacKay was an American actor.

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Paul Linke

Paul Linke (May 6, 1948 New York City-) is an American actor. He has four children, Rose Linke, Jasper Linke, Ryan Linke and Lily Linke.

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Lou Wagner

Lou Wagner (August 14, 1948 San Jose-) is an American actor.

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A Martinez

A Martinez (September 27, 1948 Glendale-) otherwise known as Adolph Larrue Martinez, A. Martinez, Adolph Martinez, Adolfo Larrue Martinez, III, Adolfo Larrue Martinez, Little Adolfo, Little A or A is an American actor, singer, screenwriter and film producer. He has three children, Devon Makena Martinez, Dakota Lee Martinez and Ren Farren Martinez.

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Patrick Reynolds

Patrick Reynolds (December 2, 1948 Miami Beach-) also known as Patrick Cleveland Reynolds or Patrick Byrne is an American writer and actor.

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Irving Allen Lee

Irving Allen Lee (November 21, 1948-September 5, 1992) otherwise known as Los Cuatro Vagabundos or Senor Lee was an American actor.

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Justin Deas

Justin Deas (March 30, 1948 Connellsville-) also known as Justin Traylor Deas is an American actor. He has two children, Joseph Deas and Sam Deas.

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William Gray Espy

William Gray Espy (July 19, 1948 Dothan-) is an American actor.

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Stephen Schnetzer

Stephen Schnetzer (June 11, 1948 Canton-) also known as Stephen St. Paul or Stephen Paul Schnetzer is an American actor. He has two children, Max Schnetzer and Ben Schnetzer.

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Robert S. Woods

Robert S. Woods (March 13, 1948 Maywood-) also known as Robert Sosebee Woods, Robert Woods or Robert Merritt Woods is an American actor and vietnam veteran. He has two children, Tanner Woods and Dylan Woods.

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John de Lancie

John de Lancie (March 20, 1948 Philadelphia-) also known as John De Lancie or John deLancie is an American actor, author, musician and film producer. He has two children, Keegan de Lancie and Owen de Lancie.

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Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper (February 4, 1948 Detroit-) also known as Vincent Damon Furnier, Vincent Furnier or Alice Coper is an American singer, disc jockey, singer-songwriter, actor, guitarist, musician and film score composer. His children are called Calico Cooper, Dashiell Cooper and Sonora Cooper.

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Ron Asheton

Ron Asheton (July 17, 1948 Washington, D.C.-January 1, 2009 Ann Arbor) also known as Ronald Frank Asheton, Ronald Franklin Asheton Jr. or Asheton, Ron was an American guitarist, musician, songwriter and actor.

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Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey (November 6, 1948 Detroit-) otherwise known as Glen Frey, Grenn Frey, Glenn Fry, Glenn Lewis Frey, G. Frey, Eagles or Glenny Frey is an American songwriter, singer, musician, actor, painter and guitarist.

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Gary Morris

Gary Morris (December 7, 1948 Fort Worth-) also known as Gary Gwyn Morris or Morris, Gary is an American singer, actor, songwriter and composer. He has five children, Hunter Morris, Garon Morris, Sam Morris, Chandler Morris and Matt Morris.

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Larry Gatlin

Larry Gatlin (May 2, 1948 Seminole-) also known as Larry Wayne Gatlin or Gatlin, Larry is an American songwriter, singer, actor, composer and guitarist. His children are called Josh Cash Gatlin and Kristin Gatlin.

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Ted Lange

Ted Lange (January 5, 1948 Oakland-) also known as Theodore William Lange or Theodore William "Ted" Lange is an American screenwriter, actor, television director, film director, playwright and theatre director. He has two children, Turner Wallace Lange and Theodore William Lange IV.

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Rich Correll

Rich Correll (May 14, 1948 Los Angeles County-) a.k.a. Richard T. Correll, Richard Thomas "Rich" Correll, Richard Thomas Correll or Richard Correll is an American screenwriter, actor, television producer, television director and film director.

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Michael Sacks

Michael Sacks (September 11, 1948 New York City-) is an American actor.

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Sam Freed

Sam Freed (August 29, 1948 York-) is an American actor and voice actor.

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Avery Brooks

Avery Brooks (October 2, 1948 Evansville-) also known as Avery Franklin Brooks is an American actor, opera singer, television director, voice actor, artistic director and professor. He has three children, Cabral Brooks, Asante Brooks and Ayana Brooks.

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Ken Foree

Ken Foree (February 29, 1948 Indianapolis-) a.k.a. Kentotis Alvin Foree, Kentotis Alvin "Ken" Foree or Foree is an American actor, film producer, entrepreneur and screenwriter.

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Blu Mankuma

Blu Mankuma (July 5, 1948 Seattle-) also known as James Michael George is an American actor, voice actor, musician, singer and songwriter. He has two children, Rene Mankuma and Cusee Mankuma.

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Michael Peters

Michael Peters (August 6, 1948 Brooklyn-August 29, 1994 Los Angeles) also known as Michael Douglas Peters was an American actor, dancer and choreographer.

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Carl Weathers

Carl Weathers (January 14, 1948 New Orleans-) is an American american football player, actor, television director and television producer. His children are called Jason Weathers and Matthew Weathers.

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Ron Vawter

Ron Vawter (December 9, 1948 Latham-April 16, 1994 Zürich) was an American actor.

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Shahram Shabpareh

Shahram Shabpareh (March 11, 1948 Tehran-) otherwise known as Shabpareh, Shahram is an American songwriter, actor and singer.

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Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal (March 14, 1948 Upper East Side-) also known as William Edward Crystal, Bill Crystal, Face, Billy or William Edward "Billy" Crystal is an American comedian, actor, film producer, screenwriter, voice actor, film director, writer, singer, television presenter and television director. He has two children, Jennifer Crystal Foley and Lindsay Crystal.

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Christopher Guest

Christopher Guest (February 5, 1948 New York City-) also known as Christopher Haden-Guest, Lord Haden-Guest, Christopher Haden-Guest, 5th Baron Haden-Guest, Christopher Guest, 5th Baron Haden-Guest, The Hon. Christopher Haden-Guest, The 5th Baron Haden-Guest, of Great Saling, in the County of Essex, 5th Baron Haden-Guest, The Right Honourable The Baron Haden-Guest, The Baron Haden-Guest, The 5th Baron Haden-Guest, of Saling in the County of Essex, Mister Christopher Haden-Guest or The Honourable Christopher Haden-Guest is an American actor, film director, comedian, television producer, screenwriter, composer, musician, television director, film score composer, film producer and voice actor. He has two children, Thomas Guest and Annie Guest.

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John Ritter

John Ritter (September 17, 1948 Burbank-September 11, 2003 Burbank) also known as Johnathan Southworth Ritter, Johnny Ritter, John, John S. Ritter or Jonathan Southworth "John" Ritter was an American comedian, actor and voice actor. His children are called Jason Ritter, Carly Ritter, Stella Ritter and Tyler Ritter.

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Lewis Black

Lewis Black (August 30, 1948 Silver Spring-) also known as Lewis Niles Black is an American comedian, actor, playwright, writer, social critic, commentator, screenwriter, television producer, film producer, author and voice actor.

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Mikhail Baryshnikov

Mikhail Baryshnikov (January 27, 1948 Riga-) also known as Mikhail Nikolaevitch Baryshnikov, Mikhail Baryshinikov, Misha, Mikhail Nikolaevich Baryshnikov or Михаи́л Никола́евич Бары́шников is an American actor, television producer, ballet dancer and choreographer. He has four children, Alexandra Lange Baryshnikova, Anna Katerina Baryshnikov, Peter Andrew Baryshnikov and Sofia-Luisa Baryshnikova.

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George Wendt

George Wendt (October 17, 1948 Beverly-) a.k.a. George Robert Wendt, George Robert Wendt III or George R. Wendt is an American actor and singer. His children are called Daniel Wendt, Hilary Wendt and Joe Wendt.

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Powers Boothe

Powers Boothe (June 1, 1948 Snyder-) a.k.a. Powers Allen Boothe is an American actor. His children are called Parisse Boothe and Preston Allen.

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Scott Reiniger

Scott Reiniger (September 5, 1948 White Plains-) also known as Scott Hale Reiniger, Harlan Sahib Bahadur, Prince of Ghor or Scott H. Reiniger is an American actor. He has one child, Zoe Worthington Reiniger.

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Antonio Pantojas

Antonio Pantojas (November 25, 1948 Río Piedras, Puerto Rico-) is an American talk show host, actor, comedian and dancer.

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Bud Cort

Bud Cort (March 29, 1948 New Rochelle-) a.k.a. Walter Edward Cox, Lord Hienrich 'Binky' Alcoa III or Bud Court is an American actor, comedian, film director and screenwriter.

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Joe Dallesandro

Joe Dallesandro (December 31, 1948 Pensacola-) otherwise known as Joe Dellesandro, Joseph Angelo D'Allesandro, Joseph Angelo D'Allesandro III, Joe Dallessandro, Little Joe, JoeBoy or Joe Catano is an American actor. His children are called Joseph A. Dallesandro Jr and Michael Dallesandro.

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Michael Berryman

Michael Berryman (September 4, 1948 Los Angeles-) also known as Michael John Berryman is an American actor, florist and film producer.

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Big John Studd

Big John Studd (February 19, 1948 Butler-March 20, 1995 Burke) also known as John Minton, John William Minton, Chuck O'Connor, John Minton Studd, John Studd, Captain USA, Executioner #2, Masked Superstar II or The Giant Studd was an American wrestler and actor. He had three children, John Minton Jr., Janelle Minton and Sean Minton.

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Perry King

Perry King (April 30, 1948 Alliance-) also known as Perry Firestone King is an American actor. He has two children, Hannah King and Louise King.

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