American actors died in Influenza

Here are 6 famous actors from United States of America died in Influenza:

Jules Dassin

Jules Dassin (December 18, 1911 Middletown-March 31, 2008 Athens) also known as Perlo Vita, Julius Dassin, Julius Samuel Dassin or Julius "Jules" Dassin was an American film director, actor, screenwriter, film producer and theatre director. He had three children, Joe Dassin, Julie Dassin and Richelle Dassin.

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Henry B. Walthall

Henry B. Walthall (March 16, 1878 Shelby County-June 17, 1936 Monrovia) also known as Henry Walthall, William Walthall, Henry B. Walthal, H. B. Walthall, H.B. Walthall, Wally or Henry Brazeale Walthall was an American actor. He had one child, Patricia Walthall.

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Monte Blue

Monte Blue (January 11, 1887 Indianapolis-February 18, 1963 Milwaukee) also known as Gerard Montgomery Blue, G.M. Blue, Gerard Montgomery Bluefeather or Gerard Monte Blue was an American actor, stunt performer, screenwriter and laborer. He had three children, Tove Blue Valentine, Richard Monte Blue and Barbara Ann Blue.

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Edward Connelly

Edward Connelly (December 30, 1859 New York City-November 21, 1928 Hollywood) otherwise known as E.J. Connelly, Edward J. Connelly or Edward Connolly was an American actor.

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Billy Franey

Billy Franey (June 23, 1889 Chicago-December 6, 1940 Hollywood) also known as William Gerald Franey, Billie Franey, Bill Franey, Wm. Franey, William Franey or William 'Billy' Franey was an American actor.

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Shelly Hull

Shelly Hull (June 17, 1884 Louisville-January 14, 1919 New York City) also known as Shelley Vaughan Hull, Shelley Hull or Shelly Vaughan Hull was an American actor.

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