American actors died in Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Here are 4 famous actors from United States of America died in Non-Hodgkin lymphoma:

Paul Burke

Paul Burke (July 21, 1926 New Orleans-September 13, 2009 Palm Springs) was an American actor. He had three children, Dina Burke, Paula Burke-Lopez and Paul Brian Burke.

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Richard Lupino

Richard Lupino (October 29, 1929 Hollywood-February 9, 2005 New York) also known as Dicky Lupino, Richard Lane or R.M.H.Lupino was an American actor.

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Carl Gordon

Carl Gordon (January 20, 1932 Goochland-July 20, 2010 Jetersville, Virginia) also known as Rufus Carl Gordon, Jr. was an American actor.

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John M. Watson, Sr.

John M. Watson, Sr. (January 10, 1937 Albany-September 7, 2006 Chicago) also known as John Watson Sr. or John M. Watson Sr. was an American actor, musician, trombonist, soldier and teacher.

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