American movie stars died at 39

Here are 8 famous actresses from United States of America died at 39:

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith (November 28, 1967 Harris County-February 8, 2007 Hollywood) also known as Vickie Lynn Hogan, Vickie Lynn Marshall, Nikki Hart, Anna Nicole, Vickie Smith, Vicki Smith or Vickie Hogan was an American adult model, actor, film producer, spokesperson, screenwriter, film director, model and stripper. Her children are Daniel Wayne Smith and Dannielynn Marshall.

She died as a result of drug overdose.

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Carol Haney

Carol Haney (September 24, 1924 New Bedford-May 10, 1964 Saddle Brook) otherwise known as Carolyn Haney was an American singer, dancer and actor. She had two children, Joshua Blyden and Ellen Blyden.

She died in pneumonia.

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Adrienne Ames

Adrienne Ames (August 3, 1907 Fort Worth-May 31, 1947 New York City) otherwise known as Adrienne Ruth McClure or Adrianne Ames was an American actor, talk show host and model.

She died caused by cancer.

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Barbara Payton

Barbara Payton (November 16, 1927 Cloquet-May 8, 1967 San Diego) also known as Barbara Lee Redfield or Barbara Lee Payton was an American pin-up girl and actor. She had one child, John Lee Payton.

She died in liver failure.

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Jeanne Eagels

Jeanne Eagels (June 26, 1890 Kansas City-October 3, 1929 New York City) otherwise known as Amelia Jean Eagles, Amelia Jeannine Eagles, Eugenia Eagles or Jeanne Eagles was an American actor.

She died in drug overdose.

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Margaret Shelby

Margaret Shelby (June 16, 1900 San Antonio-December 21, 1939 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Margaret Reilly or Alma M. Fillmore was an American actor.

She died in alcoholism.

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Jenny Maxwell

Jenny Maxwell (September 3, 1941 New York City-June 10, 1981 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. Jennifer Helene Maxwell was an American actor. She had one child, Brian Rapp.

She died in firearm.

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Gina Mastrogiacomo

Gina Mastrogiacomo (November 5, 1961 Great Neck-May 2, 2001 California) was an American actor.

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