American movie stars died at 64

Here are 9 famous actresses from United States of America died at 64:

Marion Davies

Marion Davies (January 3, 1897 Brooklyn-September 22, 1961 Hollywood) otherwise known as Marion Cecilia Douras, Marion Davis or Marion Cecelia Douras was an American actor, film producer, screenwriter and philanthropist.

She died caused by stomach cancer.

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Barbara Mullen

Barbara Mullen (June 9, 1914 Boston-March 9, 1979 London) also known as Barbara Eleanor Mullen was an American actor.

She died in myocardial infarction.

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Donna Reed

Donna Reed (January 27, 1921 Denison-January 14, 1986 Beverly Hills) also known as Donnabelle Mullenger or Donna Belle Mullenger was an American actor. She had four children, Anthony Owen, Timothy Owen, Mary Anne Owen and Penny Jane Owen.

She died in pancreatic cancer.

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Helen Lynch

Helen Lynch (April 6, 1900 Billings-March 2, 1965 Miami Beach) was an American actor.

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Ilona Massey

Ilona Massey (June 16, 1910 Budapest-August 20, 1974 Bethesda) a.k.a. Ilona Hajmássy, Ilona von Hajmassy, Ilona Hagymasi or The new Dietrich was an American actor and opera singer.

She died as a result of cancer.

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Isabel Jewell

Isabel Jewell (July 19, 1907 Shoshoni-April 5, 1972 Los Angeles) also known as Isabel Jewel, Isobel Jewell, Babe, Isobel Jewel or Isabell Jewell was an American actor.

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Pauline Garon

Pauline Garon (September 9, 1900 Montreal-August 30, 1965 San Bernardino) a.k.a. Marie Pauline Garon was an American actor.

She died caused by neurological disorder.

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Peggy Hopkins Joyce

Peggy Hopkins Joyce (May 26, 1893 Berkley-June 12, 1957 New York City) also known as Peggy Hopkins or Marguerite Upton was an American actor, dancer and art model.

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Caroline McWilliams

Caroline McWilliams (April 4, 1945 Seattle-February 11, 2010 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Caroline Margaret McWilliams or Caroline McWilliams Douglas was an American actor. Her child is called Sean Douglas.

She died caused by multiple myeloma.

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