Armenian musicians died at 62

Here are 5 famous musicians from Armenia died at 62:

Andranik Ozanian

Andranik Ozanian (February 25, 1865 Şebinkarahisar-August 31, 1927 Richardson Springs, California) also known as Andranik Toros Ozanian was an Armenian personality.

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Arno Babajanian

Arno Babajanian (January 22, 1921 Yerevan-November 11, 1983 Moscow) a.k.a. Арно Арутюнович Бабаджанян, Arno Babadzhanian, Arno Babachanian, Babachanian, Arno, Arno Babajanyan or Arno Arutyunovich Babadzhanyan was an Armenian composer and pianist. His child is called Ara Babadzhanyan.

His discography includes: Aria (Aram Talalyan) and Poem (Anahit Nersesyan).

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Roustam Raza

Roustam Raza (April 5, 1783 Tbilisi-December 7, 1845 Dourdan) otherwise known as Roustan was an Armenian personality.

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Mikhail Loris-Melikov

Mikhail Loris-Melikov (December 20, 1825 Tbilisi-December 12, 1888 Nice) was an Armenian politician.

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Henrik Malyan

Henrik Malyan (September 30, 1925 Telavi-March 14, 1988 Yerevan) otherwise known as Henrik Sureni Malyan or Genrikh Malyan was an Armenian film director and screenwriter.

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