American actresses died in Drug overdose

Here are 30 famous actresses from United States of America died in Drug overdose:

Dana Plato

Dana Plato (November 7, 1964 Maywood-May 8, 1999 Moore) also known as Dana Michelle Plato or Dana Michelle Strain was an American actor. She had one child, Tyler Lambert.

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Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith (November 28, 1967 Harris County-February 8, 2007 Hollywood) also known as Vickie Lynn Hogan, Vickie Lynn Marshall, Nikki Hart, Anna Nicole, Vickie Smith, Vicki Smith or Vickie Hogan was an American adult model, actor, film producer, spokesperson, screenwriter, film director, model and stripper. Her children are called Daniel Wayne Smith and Dannielynn Marshall.

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Jean Seberg

Jean Seberg (November 13, 1938 Marshalltown-August 30, 1979 Paris) also known as Jean Dorothy Seberg was an American actor. She had two children, Alexandre Diego Gary and Nina Hart Gary.

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Margaux Hemingway

Margaux Hemingway (February 16, 1954 Portland-July 1, 1996 Santa Monica) a.k.a. Margot Louise Hemingway, Margot Hemingway or Margaux Louise Hemingway was an American model and actor.

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Jeanne Eagels

Jeanne Eagels (June 26, 1890 Kansas City-October 3, 1929 New York City) otherwise known as Amelia Jean Eagles, Amelia Jeannine Eagles, Eugenia Eagles or Jeanne Eagles was an American actor.

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Maggie McNamara

Maggie McNamara (June 18, 1929 New York City-February 18, 1978 New York City) also known as Marguerite McNamara or Marguerite "Maggie" McNamara was an American model, actor and scribe.

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Miss Elizabeth

Miss Elizabeth (November 19, 1960 Louisville-May 1, 2003 Marietta) also known as Elizabeth Ann Hulette, Elizabeth Hulette, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Heulette, Liz Hulette or The First Lady of the WWF was an American actor.

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Inger Stevens

Inger Stevens (October 18, 1934 Stockholm-April 30, 1970 Hollywood Hills) otherwise known as Inger Stensland was an American actor.

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Anissa Jones

Anissa Jones (March 11, 1958 West Lafayette-August 28, 1976 Oceanside) a.k.a. Mary Anissa Jones was an American actor.

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Carole Landis

Carole Landis (January 1, 1919 Fairchild-July 5, 1948 Pacific Palisades) a.k.a. Frances Lillian Mary Ridste, carole_landis, The Chest, The Blonde Bomber or The 'Ping' Girl was an American pin-up girl and actor.

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Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick (April 20, 1943 Santa Barbara-November 16, 1971 Santa Barbara) also known as Edith Minturn Sedgwick, Eddie Sedgwick, edie_sedgwick, Sedgwick, Edie, Mazda Isphahan, Princess, Edith Minturn "Edie" Sedgwick, Edie, Youthquaker or Justin Moyer was an American socialite, model, actor and artist.

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Lois Hamilton

Lois Hamilton (October 14, 1952 Philadelphia-December 23, 1999 Rio de Janeiro) a.k.a. Lois Areno, Lois I. Aurino or Lois Aurino was an American model, pilot, author, actor, artist, sculptor, painter and visual artist.

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Barbara La Marr

Barbara La Marr (July 28, 1896 Yakima-January 30, 1926 Los Angeles) also known as Reatha Dale Watson was an American silent film actress, actor, screenwriter and pin-up girl.

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Leslie Carter

Leslie Carter (June 6, 1986 Tampa-January 31, 2012 Westfield) also known as Leslie Barbara Carter, Brat, Lessie or Leanne was an American singer, songwriter and actor. She had one child, Alyssa Jane Ashton.

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Gia Scala

Gia Scala (March 3, 1934 Liverpool-April 30, 1972 Hollywood) a.k.a. Giovanna Scoglio, Josephine Giovanna Scoglio, La Scala or D'Gia Scala was an American actor.

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Bridgette Andersen

Bridgette Andersen (July 11, 1975 Inglewood-May 18, 1997 Los Angeles) also known as Marriah Bridget Andersen was an American actor.

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Zoë Tamerlis Lund

Zoë Tamerlis Lund (February 9, 1962 New York City-April 16, 1999 Paris) also known as Zoe Tamerlis Lund, Zoë Tamerlaine, Zoë Tamerlis, Zoë Lund or Zoe Tamerlis was an American screenwriter, model, actor and musician.

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Ashleigh Aston Moore

Ashleigh Aston Moore (September 30, 1981 Sunnyvale-December 10, 2007 British Columbia) also known as Ashley Rogers or Doodlebug was an American actor.

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Phyllis Haver

Phyllis Haver (January 6, 1899 Douglass-November 19, 1960 Falls Village, Connecticut) also known as Phyllis O'Haver was an American actor.

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Diana Barrymore

Diana Barrymore (March 3, 1921 New York City-January 25, 1960 New York City) a.k.a. Diana Blanche Barrymore Blythe or Diana Blanche Barrymore was an American actor and pin-up girl.

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Marie McDonald

Marie McDonald (July 6, 1923 Burgin-October 21, 1965 Hidden Hills) a.k.a. Marie MacDonald, Cora Marie Frye, The Body or The Body Beautiful was an American actor and singer. Her child is called Tina Marie McDonald.

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Donyale Luna

Donyale Luna (August 31, 1945 Detroit-May 17, 1979 Rome) also known as Peggy Anne Freeman, Peggy Anne Donyale Aragonea Pegeon Freeman or Luna was an American actor and model. She had one child, Dream Cazzaniga.

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Lani O'Grady

Lani O'Grady (October 2, 1954 Walnut Creek-September 25, 2001 Valencia) also known as Lanita Rose Agrati was an American actor.

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Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge (November 9, 1922 Cleveland-September 8, 1965 West Hollywood) also known as Dorothy Danridge, Dorothy Jean Dandridge, Miss D, Dottie, Dottie Mae, Bessie Mae, Dorothy Daindridge, The Dandridge Sisters, Dorothy Dandridge-Nicholas, Dorothy Nicholas, Dorothy Dandridge-Denison or Dorothy Denison was an American singer, actor and pin-up girl. Her child is called Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas.

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Phyllis Hyman

Phyllis Hyman (July 6, 1949 Philadelphia-June 30, 1995 New York City) also known as Phyllis Linda Hyman, Phyllis Alexander, Red, Queenie, Ms. Phyllis, Love Goddess, The Sophisticated Lady or Pepper was an American singer-songwriter and actor.

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Joan Tabor

Joan Tabor (September 16, 1932 Sioux Falls-December 18, 1968 Beverly Hills) also known as Marilyn Joan Tabor, Jean Tabor or Marilyn J. Gold was an American actor. Her child is called Lauren F. Gold.

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Julia Bruns

Julia Bruns (November 27, 1895 St. Louis-December 24, 1927 New York City) also known as Julia Eliza Bruns or Julia Elizabeth Bruns was an American model and actor.

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Marie Walcamp

Marie Walcamp (July 27, 1894 Dennison-November 17, 1936 Los Angeles) was an American actor.

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Vera Sisson

Vera Sisson (July 31, 1891 Salt Lake City-August 6, 1954 Carmel-by-the-Sea) also known as Vera Sisson Rossen was an American actor.

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Joyce Jameson

Joyce Jameson (September 26, 1932 Chicago-January 16, 1987 Burbank) a.k.a. Joyce Jamison was an American actor. She had one child, Tyler Barnes.

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