American actresses died in Illness

Here are 3 famous actresses from United States of America died in Illness:

Shirley Jean Rickert

Shirley Jean Rickert (March 25, 1926 Seattle-February 6, 2009 Saratoga Springs) was an American actor, child actor and exotic dancer.

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Evelyn Dall

Evelyn Dall (January 8, 1918 The Bronx-March 10, 2010 Phoenix) a.k.a. England's Original Blonde Bombshell, Evelyn Mildred Fuss or The Blonde Bombshell was an American actor and singer. Her children are called Mary Lee Winter and Brian Winter.

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Mimi Weddell

Mimi Weddell (February 15, 1915 Williston-September 24, 2009 Manhattan) also known as Marion Rogers, Marion Rogers "Mimi' Weddell or Mimi 'Rogers' Weddell was an American actor.

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