American actresses died in Liver failure

Here are 4 famous actresses from United States of America died in Liver failure:

Barbara Payton

Barbara Payton (November 16, 1927 Cloquet-May 8, 1967 San Diego) also known as Barbara Lee Redfield or Barbara Lee Payton was an American pin-up girl and actor. She had one child, John Lee Payton.

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Mary Eaton

Mary Eaton (January 29, 1901 Norfolk-October 10, 1948 Hollywood) was an American actor, dancer and singer.

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Bonnie Bonnell

Bonnie Bonnell (August 1, 1905 Thomasville-March 14, 1964 Santa Monica) also known as Marion Wright Bonnell or Bonny was an American actor.

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Luana Walters

Luana Walters (July 22, 1912 Los Angeles-May 19, 1963 Los Angeles) a.k.a. June Walters, Luanna Walters or Susan Walters was an American actor.

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