American actresses died in Respiratory disease

Here are 3 famous actresses from United States of America died in Respiratory disease:

Dorothy DeBorba

Dorothy DeBorba (March 28, 1925 Los Angeles-June 2, 2010 Walnut Creek) also known as Dorothy Adelle DeBorba was an American actor and child actor.

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Carmen McRae

Carmen McRae (April 8, 1920 Harlem-November 10, 1994 Beverly Hills) otherwise known as Carmen Mc Rae, Carmen McCrea, Carmen McCrae, Carmen Mercedes McRae, McRae, Carmen or Carman McRae was an American singer, actor, musician, composer and pianist.

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Maxine Gates

Maxine Gates (May 3, 1917 Hebron-July 27, 1990 Panorama City) also known as Maxine Gates Unland was an American actor.

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