Indonesian movie actors died in the year 1997

Here are 3 famous actors from Indonesia died in 1997:

W.D. Mochtar

W.D. Mochtar (May 9, 1928 Pontianak-December 13, 1997 Bandar Lampung) also known as W.D. Muchtar or Wagino Dachrin Mochtar was an Indonesian actor.

Ryan Hidayat

Ryan Hidayat (September 19, 1970 Jakarta-February 8, 1997 Jakarta) was an Indonesian model and actor.

Kasino Warkop

Kasino Warkop (September 15, 1950 Gombong-December 16, 1997 Jakarta) also known as Warkop D.K.I., Warkop DKI, Kasino Hadiwibowo or Kasino was an Indonesian actor and comedian.

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