Czech movie actors died in the year 2011

Here are 4 famous actors from Czech Republic died in 2011:

Arnošt Lustig

Arnošt Lustig (December 21, 1926 Prague-February 26, 2011 Prague) also known as Arnost Lustig, Arnošt Lustig or Lustig was a Czech author, actor, writer, novelist and playwright. He had two children, Eva Lustigová and Josef Lustig.

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Rostislav Čtvrtlík

Rostislav Čtvrtlík (November 9, 1963 Olomouc-March 6, 2011 Prague) was a Czech actor.

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Pavel Vondruška

Pavel Vondruška (November 15, 1925 České Budějovice-February 5, 2011 Prague) a.k.a. Pavel Vondruska or Pavel Vonduska was a Czech actor, musician and conductor.

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Jan Fischer

Jan Fischer (July 19, 1921-September 26, 2011 Česká Lípa) was a Czech actor and theatre director.

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