American musicians born in 1936

Here are 50 famous musicians from United States of America were born in 1936:

Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison (April 23, 1936 Vernon-December 6, 1988 Hendersonville) also known as Roy Orbsion, Roy Orbinson, Roy Orbisson, Ray Orbison, Roy Kelton Orbison, Orbison, Roy, The Big O, The Voice or the Caruso of Rock was an American singer, musician, songwriter, guitarist, actor and composer. He had three children, Wesley Orbison, Roy Kelton Orbison and Alexander Orbison.

His albums: Lonely and Blue, Crying, In Dreams, It's Over / Indian Wedding, Regeneration, Laminar Flow, Definitive Collection, Mystery Girl, A Black and White Night Live and Love Songs. His related genres: Pop music, Rock music, Country, Pop rock, Rockabilly, Country pop, Rock and roll and Americana.

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Steve Reich

Steve Reich (October 3, 1936 New York City-) a.k.a. Reich, Stephen Michael Reich, Reich, Steve or Stephen Michael "Steve" Reich is an American composer, musician, record producer and film score composer.

Related albums: Octet / Music for a Large Ensemble / Violin Phase, The Desert Music, Different Trains / Electric Counterpoint, The Four Sections / Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ, Early Works, Sextet / Six Marimbas, Tehillim / Three Movements, The Cave, City Life / Proverb and Works: 1965-1995. His related genres: Minimal music, Contemporary classical music, Opera and Chamber music.

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Bobby Darin

Bobby Darin (May 14, 1936 The Bronx-December 20, 1973 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Bobbie Darin, Darin, Bobby, Bobby Darrin, Bobby Daren, Walden Robert Cassotto, bobby_darin, Bobby, Bob Darin or Robert Darin was an American singer, musician, singer-songwriter, actor and songwriter. His child is Dodd Mitchell Darin.

His albums include The Ultimate Bobby Darin, A&E Biography: Anthology, Ultra-Lounge, Wild, Cool & Swingin', The Artist Collection, Volume 2, Winners, Darin at the Copa, It's You, The Legendary Bobby Darin, Mack the Knife, The Curtain Falls: Live at the Flamingo and This Is Gold. Genres he performed include Big Band, Folk music, Rock music, Traditional pop music, Rock and roll, Jazz, Blues and Swing music.

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Albert Ayler

Albert Ayler (July 13, 1936 Cleveland-November 25, 1970 Brooklyn) also known as Ayler, Albert was an American bandleader and composer.

His albums include The First Recordings, Volume 2, Something Different!!!!!!, My Name Is Albert Ayler, Ghosts, New York Eye And Ear Control, Spirits, Bells, Spirits Rejoice, New Grass and Nuits de la Fondation Maeght, Volume 1. Genres he performed include Avant-garde jazz, Free jazz, Rhythm and blues and Jazz.

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Kris Kristofferson

Kris Kristofferson (June 22, 1936 Brownsville-) a.k.a. Kris Kristoferson, Kristoffer Kristofferson, Kristoffer Kristian Kristofferson, The Highwaymen, Kristoffer Kristofferson, BPhil, Kris Kristofferson, BPhil, Kris Carson or Kristoffer "Kris" Kristofferson is an American actor, singer-songwriter, musician, military officer, film score composer and helicopter pilot. He has eight children, Tracy Kristofferson, Kris Kristofferson, Casey Kristofferson, Kelly Marie Kristofferson, Jody Ray Kristofferson, Johnny Robert Kristofferson, Jesse Turner Kristofferson and Blake Cameron Kristofferson.

His most important albums: The Austin Sessions, This Old Road, 36 All-Time Great Hits (disc 2: Me and Bobby McGee), Broken Freedom Song: Live in San Francisco, Jesus Was a Capricorn, Silver Tongued Devil, Super Hits, The Best of Kris Kristofferson, The Legendary Years and The Silver Tongued Devil and I. Genres: Rock music, Country, Folk music, Outlaw country and Progressive country.

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Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell (April 22, 1936 Delight-) a.k.a. Glen Gampbell, Glenn Campbell, Glen Cambell, Glen Travis Campbell, Campbell, Glen, Gelen Campbell, Campbell, Gelen, Glen Campell or Juicy Lucy is an American singer, musician, songwriter, actor, guitarist and presenter. He has eight children, Debbie Campbell, Kane Campbell, Travis Campbell, Kelli Campbell, Dylan Campbell, Cal Campbell, Shannon Campbell and Ashley Campbell.

His albums include By the Time I Get to Phoenix, And I Love You So, Classic Campbell, 20 Greatest Hits, All the Best, All-Time Favorite Hits, Classics Collection, Country Gold, Glen Campbell's All Time Favorites and Gold. Genres he performed: Folk music, Pop music, Rock music, Country, Gospel music and Folk rock.

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Sylvia Robinson

Sylvia Robinson (March 6, 1936 Harlem-September 29, 2011 Secaucus) otherwise known as Sylvia Vanderpool, Robinson, Sylvia, Little Sylvia Vanderpool, Little Sylvia, Sylvia Vanterpool or Sylvia was an American record producer, songwriter, singer and musician. She had one child, Joey Robinson, Jr..

Her discography includes: Pillow Talk and Pillow Talk: The Sensuous Sounds Of Sylvia. Genres: Disco, Rhythm and blues, Funk, Rock and roll, Soul music, Blues and Hip hop music.

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Don Cherry

Don Cherry (November 18, 1936 Oklahoma City-October 19, 1995 Málaga) also known as Cherry, Don, Donald Eugene Cherry or Donald Cherry was an American trumpeter, musician and film score composer. His children are Eagle-Eye Cherry, David Cherry and Christian Cherry.

His discography includes: Brown Rice, Complete Communion, Mu (First and Second Parts), Berlin Jazz Fest 11-9-68, The Complete Blue Note Recordings of Don Cherry, There Goes My Everything / Take a Message to Mary, Symphony for Improvisers, Where Is Brooklyn?, Eternal Rhythm and Relativity Suite. Genres: Kozmigroov, Free jazz, World fusion music, Jazz and World music.

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Zubin Mehta

Zubin Mehta (April 29, 1936 Mumbai-) also known as Zubin Metha or Mehta, Zubin is an American conductor, violinist and music director. His children are Mervon Mehta and Zarina Mehta.

His albums: Symphonies 1 & 3, Schubert: Symphony No. 9 "The Great" / Mozart: Symphony No. 38 "Prague", Israel Philharmonic Welcomes Berliner Philharmoniker, Turandot, , Má vlast (My Fatherland), The Symphonies / Orchestral Sets 1 & 2, Symphony No. 2 in C minor "Resurrection", Symphonie Fantastique / Overture Benvenuto Cellini and Neujahrskonzert 2007. Genres he performed include Classical music.

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Chuck Brown

Chuck Brown (August 22, 1936 Gaston-May 16, 2012 Baltimore) also known as Brown, Chuck, Charles Louis Brown, Charles "Chuck" Louis Brown, Charles L. Brown or The Godfather of Go-go was an American musician, record producer, songwriter, singer and guitarist.

His albums: Your Game...Live at the 9:30 Club, Greatest Hits, Hah Man, We're About the Business, The Best of Chuck Brown, Go Go Swing Live and The Other Side. Genres: Go-go and Funk.

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Roger Miller

Roger Miller (January 2, 1936 Fort Worth-October 25, 1992 Los Angeles) also known as Roger Dean Miller, Roger Millier, Roger Dean Miller, Sr. or The Wild Child was an American singer-songwriter, composer, lyricist, actor and musician. His children are Michael Miller, Alan Miller, Shari Miller, Rhonda Miller, Dean Miller, Shannon Miller, Taylor Miller and Adam Miller.

His albums: The Return of Roger Miller, Country Spotlight, The Best of Roger Miller, Volume Two: King of the Road, 22 Golden Greats, All Time Greatest Hits, Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Dear Folks Sorry I Haven't Written Lately, Golden Hits, King of the Road: The Genius of Roger Miller and King of the Road: The Best of Roger Miller. Genres he performed include Country.

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Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels (October 28, 1936 Wilmington-) also known as Charly Daniels or Charles Edward Daniels is an American singer, musician, singer-songwriter, fiddler, actor, composer, lyricist, violinist, film score composer and guitarist. He has one child, Charlie Daniels, Jr..

His albums include Live from Iraq, Midnight Wind, Honey in the Rock, The Door, Renegade, All-Time Greatest Hits, Fire on the Mountain, Nightrider, Simple Man and High Lonesome. Genres: Southern rock, Outlaw country, Country, Country rock, Rock music, Bluegrass and Blues rock.

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Scott LaFaro

Scott LaFaro (April 3, 1936 Newark-July 6, 1961 Geneva) also known as LaFaro, Scott was an American bassist and musician.

His most recognized albums: Pieces of Jade and Sunday at the Village Vanguard. Genres related to him: Cool jazz, Modal jazz, Bebop, Jazz and Free jazz.

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Sunny Murray

Sunny Murray (September 21, 1936 Idabel-) also known as Sonny Murray, Murray, Sunny or James Marcellus Arthur "Sunny" Murray is an American drummer and musician.

His albums include Sonny's Time Now, Boom Boom Cat, The Gearbox Explodes!, Clapping Music, Live at the Fundacio Juan Miro, Kingdom Come and Smoke.

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Floyd Red Crow Westerman

Floyd Red Crow Westerman (August 17, 1936 Lake Traverse Indian Reservation-December 13, 2007 Los Angeles) also known as Floyd Westerman, Westerman, Floyd Red Crow, Kanghi Duta, Floyd Crow Westerman, Floyd Redcrow Westerman, Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman, Pop Wharton, Floyd Kanghi Duta Westerman, Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman or Red Crow was an American artist, musician, actor, social activist, singer, songwriter, advocate, voice actor and music artist.

His albums include Custer Died for Your Sins / The Land Is Your Mother.

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Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy (July 30, 1936 Lettsworth-) also known as George Guy, Guy, Buddy or George "Buddy" Guy is an American singer, guitarist, musician, songwriter and actor. He has one child, Shawnna.

Discography: A Man & the Blues, Hold That Plane!, Breaking Out, Stone Crazy!, D.J. Play My Blues, Damn Right, I've Got the Blues, The Complete Chess Studio Recordings, The Very Best of Buddy Guy, The Treasure Untold and As Good as It Gets. His related genres: Chicago blues, Blues and Electric blues.

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James Darren

James Darren (June 8, 1936 Philadelphia-) a.k.a. James William Ercolani or Jimmy Darren is an American singer, actor and television director. He has three children, Jim Moret, Christian Darren and Tony Darren.

His discography includes: This One's From the Heart, The Best of James Darren, Because of You, Teenage Triangle/More Teenage Triangle, Teenage Triangle, Love Among the Young and .

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Billy Higgins

Billy Higgins (October 11, 1936 Los Angeles-May 3, 2001 Inglewood) otherwise known as Higgins, Billy was an American drummer, musician, lyricist, actor and educator. He had six children, William Higgins, Joseph Higgins, David Higgins, Benjamin Higgins, Heidi Higgins and Rickie Wade Higgins.

His albums include Mr. Billy Higgins, 3/4 For Peace, Which Way Is East, The Essence, The Oracle, Soweto, Bridgework, Up Front, WindSong and Mirror, Mirror. Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Harold Budd

Harold Budd (May 24, 1936 Los Angeles-) also known as Budd, Harold is an American composer, musician, professor and poet.

His most important albums: The Pavilion of Dreams, The Serpent (In Quicksilver) / Abandoned Cities, Lovely Thunder, By the Dawn's Early Light, The White Arcades, Agua, Luxa, The Room, La Bella Vista and Avalon Sutra. Genres related to him: Ambient music, Drone music and Contemporary classical music.

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Levi Stubbs

Levi Stubbs (June 6, 1936 Detroit-October 17, 2008 Detroit) also known as Levi Stubbles, Stubbs, Levi or Levi Stubbs Jr was an American singer, actor and musician.

Genres: Rhythm and blues and Soul music.

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Emmett Chapman

Emmett Chapman (September 28, 1936 California-) also known as Chapman, Emmett is an American musician, songwriter and luthier.

His most important albums: Parallel Galaxy. His related genres: Jazz.

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June Tyson

June Tyson (February 5, 1936 Albemarle-November 24, 1992) was an American singer and actor.

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Stuart Dempster

Stuart Dempster (July 7, 1936 Berkeley-) also known as Dempster, Stuart or Stuart R. Dempster is an American didgeridooist and trombonist.

His most important albums: On the Boards, Underground Overlays From The Cistern Chapel and Deep Listening.

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James Jamerson

James Jamerson (January 29, 1936 Charleston-August 2, 1983 Los Angeles) also known as James Lee Jamerson or Jamerson, James was an American bassist and musician.

His most well known albums: Standing in the Shadows of Motown: The Life and Music of Legendary Bassist James Jamerson. His related genres: Rhythm and blues, Soul music and Funk.

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Mary Travers

Mary Travers (November 9, 1936 Louisville-September 16, 2009 Danbury) also known as Mary Ellin Travers, Travers, Mary, Peter Paul and Mary or Mary was an American singer-songwriter. She had two children, Alicia Travers and Erika Marshall.

Her albums: Mary, It's In Every One of Us and Circles. Her related genres: Folk music and Pop music.

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Dave Van Ronk

Dave Van Ronk (June 30, 1936 Brooklyn-February 10, 2002 New York City) also known as Dave Von Ronk, Ronk, Van, Dave or Dave Ronk was an American singer, sailor and singer-songwriter.

His discography includes: Just Dave Van Ronk, Dave Van Ronk and the Hudson Dusters, Van Ronk, Songs for Ageing Children, To All My Friends in Far-Flung Places, Two Sides of Dave Van Ronk, The Mayor of MacDougal Street, Inside Dave Van Ronk, Peter and the Wolf and Statesboro Blues. Genres: Folk music, Ragtime, Country blues and Blues.

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Lowell Green

Lowell Green (July 7, 1936 Ann Arbor-) is an American writer.

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Bill Gaither

Bill Gaither (March 28, 1936 Alexandria-) also known as Little Bill Gaither or William J. Gaither is an American singer, singer-songwriter, record producer, actor and songwriter. His children are called Suzanne Gaither, Amy Gaither and Benjy Gaither.

His albums include All Day Singin', Bill & Gloria Gaither Present A Billy Graham Music Homecoming and Kennedy Center Homecoming. Genres he performed include Contemporary Christian music, Christian music and Southern gospel.

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Eddie Palmieri

Eddie Palmieri (December 15, 1936 East Harlem-) also known as Eddie Palmiere, Palmieri, Eddie or Eduardo Palmieri is an American jazz pianist, pianist and bandleader. He has five children, Gabriela Sebastian Palmieri, Renee Palmieri, Eydie Palmieri, Eddie Palmieri and Illeana Palmieri.

His albums include Echando Pa'lante (Straight Ahead), Azucar Pa' Ti, Molasses, At the University of Puerto Rico, La Verdad, Sentido, Arete, Chocolate Ice Cream, El Rumbero Del Piano and Ritmo Caliente. Genres: Latin jazz and Salsa music.

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Fred Neil

Fred Neil (March 16, 1936 Cleveland-July 7, 2001 Summerland Key) a.k.a. Neil, Fred was an American songwriter and singer.

Discography: Tear Down The Walls, Other Side of This Life, Tear Down the Walls / Bleecker & MacDougal, The Many Sides of Fred Neil, Sessions, Echoes of My Mind: The Best of 1963-71, Bleecker & MacDougal, Fred Neil, Do You Ever Think of Me? and Trav'lin Man: The Early Singles. Genres he performed include Blues and Folk music.

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Renaldo Benson

Renaldo Benson (June 14, 1936 Detroit-July 1, 2005 Detroit) also known as Renaldo Benson, Benson, Renaldo or Renaldo "Obie" Benson was an American singer-songwriter.

Genres: Rock music, Rhythm and blues, Rock and roll and Soul music.

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Jud Strunk

Jud Strunk (June 11, 1936 Jamestown-October 5, 1981 Carrabassett Valley) a.k.a. Judd Strunk, Justin Roderick Strunk Jr. or Strunk, Jud was an American songwriter, comedian, singer and singer-songwriter.

His albums include Jud Strunk's Downeast Viewpoint. Genres: Country and Pop music.

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Donnie Brooks

Donnie Brooks (February 6, 1936 Dallas-February 23, 2007) a.k.a. John Dee Abohosh, Brooks, Donnie, Dick Bush, Faire, Johnny or Bush, Dick was an American singer.

His albums: Greatest Hits 1958 - 1968. Genres: Pop music, Surf music and Rockabilly.

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Mort Shuman

Mort Shuman (November 12, 1936 Brooklyn-November 2, 1991 London) also known as Mort Schuman or Mortimer Shuman was an American actor, musician, film score composer, singer, pianist, composer and screenwriter. His children are called Maria-Cella Shuman, Barbara Shuman, Maria-Pia Shuman and Eva-Maria Shuman.

His discography includes: À nous les petites Anglaises, La collection, Volume 1, Ses plus belles chansons, Mortimer, Master Serie and Une femme fidèle.

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Howard Greenfield

Howard Greenfield (March 15, 1936 Brooklyn-March 4, 1986 Los Angeles) was an American songwriter.

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Tom Vaughn

Tom Vaughn (October 13, 1936 Benton-March 1, 2015 Riverside) was an American jazz pianist.

Genres he performed include Stride and Jazz.

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Rufus Harley

Rufus Harley (May 20, 1936 North Carolina-July 31, 2006) also known as Harley, Rufus was an American musician.

His most well known albums: Re-Creation of the Gods, Bagpipe Blues, A Tribute to Courage, The Pied Piper of Jazz and Courage: The Atlantic Recordings.

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Nancy Dussault

Nancy Dussault (June 30, 1936 Pensacola-) is an American singer and actor.

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Colleen Farrington

Colleen Farrington (April 20, 1936 Davisboro-) a.k.a. Colleen Price or Colleen Leigh Farrington is an American model, singer and actor. She has one child, Diane Lane.

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Chuck Israels

Chuck Israels (August 10, 1936 New York City-) a.k.a. Charles Israels, Chuck Israels, Charles H. "Chuck" Israels or Charles H. Israels is an American composer.

His albums: Bebop Jazz. Genres: Cool jazz, Bebop and Jazz.

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Donnie Elbert

Donnie Elbert (May 25, 1936 New Orleans-January 26, 1989 Philadelphia) also known as Elbert, Donnie was an American singer and songwriter.

Discography: R&B Maverick - All Platinum Years. Genres related to him: Soul music, Rhythm and blues and Disco.

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Karen Morrow

Karen Morrow (December 15, 1936 Chicago-) is an American singer and actor.

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Malcolm Goldstein

Malcolm Goldstein (March 27, 1936 Brooklyn-) is an American violinist, improviser and composer.

Discography: Sounding the New Violin.

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Harold Mabern

Harold Mabern (March 20, 1936 Memphis-) also known as Mabern, Harold is an American jazz pianist, pianist and composer.

His discography includes: Wailin', A Few Miles From Memphis, Workin' & Wailin', Rakin' and Scrapin' and Right On Time. Genres he performed include Soul jazz, Post-bop and Hard bop.

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Glen Sherley

Glen Sherley (March 9, 1936 United States of America-May 11, 1978 Gonzales) was an American singer, guitarist and songwriter.

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Eddie Willis

Eddie Willis (June 3, 1936 Grenada-) also known as Willis, Eddie is an American musician and guitarist.

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Robert White

Robert White (November 19, 1936 Harrisburg-October 27, 1994 Los Angeles) also known as White, Robert was an American musician.

Discography: Favourite Irish Songs of Princess Grace. Genres: Soul music.

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Johnny Griffith

Johnny Griffith (July 10, 1936 Detroit-November 10, 2002 Detroit) also known as Griffith, Johnny was an American musician and keyboard player.

His albums: Do It / I Want Some Satisfaction.

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Tupper Saussy

Tupper Saussy (July 3, 1936 Statesboro-March 16, 2007 Nashville) was an American artist, musician, visual artist and music artist. He had one child, Haun Saussy.

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Monk Higgins

Monk Higgins (October 17, 1936 Menifee-July 3, 1986) a.k.a. Milton Bland was an American record producer.

Discography: Dance to the Disco Sax of Monk Higgins, Heavyweight, Little Mama, Sheba, Baby and Extra Soul Perception.

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