Mexican actors who were born in 1924

Here are 7 famous actors from Mexico were born in 1924:

Enrique Rambal

Enrique Rambal (May 8, 1924 Valencia-December 15, 1971 Mexico City) also known as Enrique Rambal Sacia or Enrique Rambal Jr. was a Mexican actor and television director. He had four children, Virginia Rambal, Rebeca Rambal, Enrique Rambal and Mario Rambal.

Felipe de Alba

Felipe de Alba (April 29, 1924 Mexico-November 15, 2005 New York City) otherwise known as Felipe de Alva was a Mexican actor.

Rafael Llamas

Rafael Llamas (May 24, 1924 Spain-August 8, 1980 Mexico City) also known as Rafael Lamas was a Mexican actor.

Victor Eberg

Victor Eberg (July 29, 1924 Mexico-February 26, 1972 United States of America) also known as Victor Eckberg or Victor Everg was a Mexican actor.

Eleazar García

Eleazar García (September 28, 1924 Ciudad Mier-August 24, 1999 Monterrey) a.k.a. Eleazar Garcia 'Chelelo', Eleazar García 'Chelelo', Eleazar Garcia Chelelo, Eleazar García Chelelo, El Chelelo, Chelelo, Eliazar Garcia or Eleazar García Sáenz was a Mexican actor. His child is called Eleazar Garcia Jr..

Enrique del Castillo

Enrique del Castillo (April 13, 1924 Mexico City-February 7, 1984 Mexico City) was a Mexican actor.

Humberto Almazán

Humberto Almazán (February 16, 1924 Mexico City-) a.k.a. Humberto Almazan 'Juan Perez', Padre Humberto, Juan Pérez or Humberto Almazan is a Mexican actor and priest.

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