Swedish musicians who were born in 1968

Here are 13 famous musicians from Sweden were born in 1968:

Henrik Schyffert

Henrik Schyffert (February 23, 1968 Ronneby-) otherwise known as Per Henrik Schyffert or Schyffert, Henrik is a Swedish comedian, screenwriter, musician, actor and tv personality. His children are called Ove Schyffert and Janne Schyffert.

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Eagle-Eye Cherry

Eagle-Eye Cherry (May 7, 1968 Stockholm-) also known as Eagle Eye Cherry, Eagle-Eye Lanoo Cherry or Cherry, Eagle-Eye is a Swedish singer, musician and actor.

Discography: Desireless, Save Tonight, Sub Rosa, Are You Still Having Fun?, Falling in Love Again, Permanent Tears, Skull Tattoo, The Best Of, Live and Kicking and Living in the Present Future. Genres he performed include Rock music, Pop music, Alternative rock, Acoustic music and Post-grunge.

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Christina Lindberg

Christina Lindberg (November 4, 1968 Helsingborg-) is a Swedish singer.

Genres she performed include Dansband and Country.

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Anders Bagge

Anders Bagge (January 16, 1968 Enskede-Årsta-Vantör-) a.k.a. Sven Anders Bagge or Bag is a Swedish film producer, composer, musician and lyricist.

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Nana Hedin

Nana Hedin (May 24, 1968 Eskilstuna-) a.k.a. Na Na or Nana d'Aquini is a Swedish singer.

Discography: Fame.

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Aleena Gibson

Aleena Gibson (May 31, 1968 Gothenburg-) also known as Anna-Lena Gibson or Aleena is a Swedish singer.

Her related genres: Country, American folk music, Pop music and Rock music.

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Quincy Jones III

Quincy Jones III (December 23, 1968 Wimbledon-) a.k.a. Quincy Delight Jones III, QD3, Snoopy, QDIII, Quindy D. Jones III, Quincy QD3 Jones III, Quincy 'QD3' Jones III, QD III, Quincy D. Jones III or Quincy Delightt Jones III is a Swedish record producer, musician, film producer, film score composer, music producer, author, composer and singer. He has two children, Quincy Renzo Delight Jones IV and Nea Jones.

Genres he performed include Hip hop music.

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Nicolai Dunger

Nicolai Dunger (February 4, 1968 Piteå-) a.k.a. Dunger, Nicolai, Nicolai Dungar or Dungar, Nicolai is a Swedish singer.

His discography includes: Tranquil Isolation, Here's My Song You Can Have It... I Don't Want It Anymore, Soul Rush, This Cloud Is Learning, sjunger Edith Södergran, Nicollide & The Carmic Retrebution, A Dress Book, Rösten och Herren, Play and Eventide.

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Per Wiberg

Per Wiberg (June 8, 1968 Stockholm-) otherwise known as Wiberg, Per is a Swedish keyboard player, musician and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Progressive metal, Death metal, Stoner rock, Progressive rock, Technical death metal and Melodic death metal.

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Niklas Sivelöv

Niklas Sivelöv (April 11, 1968 Skellefteå-) is a Swedish pianist, composer and teacher.

His albums: Improvisational 1 and Tuba Works.

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Robert Uhlmann

Robert Uhlmann (March 14, 1968-) also known as Uhlmann, Robert is a Swedish composer.

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Staffan Lindfors

Staffan Lindfors (December 26, 1968 Kårböle-) is a Swedish musician and songwriter.

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Mattias Klum

Mattias Klum (February 10, 1968 Uppsala-) is a Swedish photographer, film producer, cinematographer, film score composer and film director.

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