American musicians died at 43

Here are 4 famous musicians from United States of America died at 43:

John Holmes

John Holmes (August 8, 1944 Ashville-March 13, 1988 Los Angeles) also known as John Curtis Estes, Russell Blue, John Duval, Big Jon Fallus, John Helms, Jack Hims, Big John Holmes, John 'The Wadd' Holmes, John 'Wadd' Holmes, John C. Holmes, John Curtis Holmes, Johnny Holmes, Mr. John Holmes, John C. Holms, John Rey, Long John Wodd, Johnny Wadd, John Estes, Big John Fallus, Bigg John, Big John, John Sacre, Bernard Emil Weik II, Long John Wadd, Johnny B. Wadd, Johnny the Wad, Wonderland, Long John Silver, The Sultan of Smut, The King of Porn, Johnny "Cash" Holmes, John Homes, John Holmes III, John Holmes/Johnny Wadd, John Holmes aka Johnny Wadd, John or Holmes was an American pornographic film actor and actor.

He died caused by hiv/aids.

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Michael P. Anderson

Michael P. Anderson (December 25, 1959 Plattsburgh-February 1, 2003 Texas) otherwise known as Michael Phillip Anderson was an American scientist, astronaut and pilot.

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Sonny Carter

Sonny Carter (August 15, 1947 Macon-April 5, 1991 Brunswick) was an American astronaut and physician.

He died in aviation accident or incident.

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Knute Rockne

Knute Rockne (March 4, 1888 Voss-March 31, 1931 Bazaar) also known as Knute Kenneth Rockne was an American american football player, american football coach and coach.

He died caused by aviation accident or incident.

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