Argentine actresses who were born in 1978

Here are 7 famous actresses from Argentina were born in 1978:

Dolores Fonzi

Dolores Fonzi (July 19, 1978 Adrogué-) also known as Dolores María Fonzi, Dolo Fonzi or Dolo is an Argentine actor, screenwriter and model. Her children are called Lázaro Bernal and Libertad Bernal.

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Carolina "Pampita" Ardohaín

Carolina "Pampita" Ardohaín (January 17, 1978 General Acha-) also known as Ana Carolina Ardohaín Dos Santos, Pampita, Caro, Pampita Ardohain or Carolina Ardohain is an Argentine model and actor. She has three children, Blanca Vicuña Ardohain, Bautista Vicuña Ardohain and Beltrán Vicuña Ardohain.

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Mía Maestro

Mía Maestro (June 19, 1978 Buenos Aires-) a.k.a. Mia Maestro or Maestro is an Argentine actor, singer-songwriter and film score composer.

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Pamela David

Pamela David (October 6, 1978 Córdoba-) is an Argentine supermodel, presenter and actor.

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Adabel Guerrero

Adabel Guerrero (July 18, 1978 La Plata-) is an Argentine actor, model, dancer, ballet dancer and choreographer.

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Martina Gusman

Martina Gusman (October 28, 1978 Buenos Aires-) a.k.a. Martina Gusmán or Martina Guzmán is an Argentine film producer and actor. Her child is called Mateo Trapero.

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Griselda Siciliani

Griselda Siciliani (March 1, 1978 Buenos Aires-) also known as Gri is an Argentine actor. She has one child, Margarita Kirzner.

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