Argentine actresses who were born in 1979

Here are 5 famous actresses from Argentina were born in 1979:

Marina Zeising

Marina Zeising (March 9, 1979 Buenos Aires-) is an Argentine film producer, film director and actor.

Lucila Solá

Lucila Solá (April 17, 1979 Buenos Aires-) also known as Lucila Sola or Lucila Polak is an Argentine actor. She has two children, Maximo Morrone and Camila Morrone.

Jimena Ferrante

Jimena Ferrante (June 19, 1979 Buenos Aires-) also known as Maria Jimena Ferrante is an Argentine actor and stunt performer.

Mercedes Funes

Mercedes Funes (January 1, 1979 Rosario-) is an Argentine actor.

Debora Zanolli

Debora Zanolli (October 29, 1979 Neuquén-) is an Argentine actor.

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