Argentine musicians who were born in 1968

Here are 5 famous musicians from Argentina were born in 1968:

Chango Spasiuk

Chango Spasiuk (September 23, 1968 Apóstoles-) otherwise known as Spasiuk, Chango is an Argentine musician and accordionist.

Discography: Tarefero De Mis Pagos (Sounds From The Red Land), Polcas de mi Tierra, Pynandí (Los Descalzos) and The Charm of Chamame.

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Andrés Ciro Martínez

Andrés Ciro Martínez (January 11, 1968 Buenos Aires-) is an Argentine singer, musician, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer.

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Sebastián Escofet

Sebastián Escofet (July 4, 1968 La Plata-) also known as Sebastian Escofet, Sebastian Escofett, Sebastián Escofett or Escofet, Sebastian is an Argentine film score composer and musician.

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Claudia Brant

Claudia Brant (July 21, 1968 Buenos Aires-) also known as Claudia Alejandra Menkarski is an Argentine singer, composer and songwriter.

Her albums include Manuscrito.

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Pit Passarell

Pit Passarell (November 4, 1968 Buenos Aires-) is an Argentine musician, bassist, composer and singer.

Genres: Heavy metal and Pop rock.

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