Argentine musicians who were born in 1984

Here are 8 famous musicians from Argentina were born in 1984:

Camila Bordonaba

Camila Bordonaba (September 4, 1984 El Palomar, Buenos Aires-) also known as Cato, Camila Bordonaba Roldán, Cami or Erreway is an Argentine actor, singer and composer.

Genres she performed: Pop music, Modern rock and Pop rock.

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Horacio Lavandera

Horacio Lavandera (December 1, 1984 Buenos Aires-) is an Argentine pianist.

His discography includes: Compositores Argentinos.

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Mariana Seligmann

Mariana Seligmann (October 9, 1984 Buenos Aires-) also known as Muni, Muni Seligmann, Mari or Mariana Seligman is an Argentine singer and actor.

Her discography includes: La Casa de Playhouse Disney.

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Brenda Gandini

Brenda Gandini (August 8, 1984 Buenos Aires-) is an Argentine model and actor. She has one child, Eloy Heredia.

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Annabel (March 18, 1984 Buenos Aires-) is an Argentine singer.

Her albums: My heaven, Light of Dawn, , Noctiluca, , Above Your Hand, , , and . Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Athy (February 28, 1984 Ituzaingó, Buenos Aires-) is an Argentine , .

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Flor (April 13, 1984-) also known as Florencia Caserta is an Argentine singer.

Genres she performed include Rock music and Pop rock.

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Belén Rodríguez

Belén Rodríguez (September 20, 1984 Turin-) also known as María Belén Rodríguez Cozzani or Belén is an Argentine actor, model, singer and dancer. Her child is Santiago De Martino.

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