Argentine music stars who deceased at age 59

Here are 10 famous musicians from Argentina died at 59:

Carlos Pellegrini

Carlos Pellegrini (October 1, 1846 Buenos Aires-July 17, 1906 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine lawyer.

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Norberto Ceresole

Norberto Ceresole (August 1, 1943 Argentina-May 4, 2003) was an Argentine writer.

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Atilio García

Atilio García (August 26, 1914 Junín-December 12, 1973 Montevideo) was an Argentine personality.

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Eduardo Lonardi

Eduardo Lonardi (September 15, 1896 Buenos Aires-March 22, 1956 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine personality.

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Carlos A. Olivari

Carlos A. Olivari (April 5, 2015 Buenos Aires-September 1, 1955 Buenos Aires) also known as Carlos Olivari, Olivari or Carlos Alberto Olivari was an Argentine screenwriter.

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Ernesto Arancibia

Ernesto Arancibia (January 12, 1904 Buenos Aires-August 27, 1963 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine film producer, production designer and screenwriter.

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Silvetti (March 27, 1944 Quilmes-July 5, 2003 Coral Gables) also known as Bebu Silvetti or Juan Fernando Silvetti Adorno was an Argentine singer-songwriter, composer, music arranger, record producer, pianist, conductor and film score composer. He had one child, Anna Silvetti.

Related albums: Spring Rain, World Without Words, Lo Mejor de los Mejores, El Mundo Sin Palabras, Lluvia de primavera and . Genres: Latin pop.

He died caused by respiratory failure.

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Jorge Guinzburg

Jorge Guinzburg (February 3, 1949 Buenos Aires-March 12, 2008 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine journalist.

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Elías Alippi

Elías Alippi (January 21, 1883 Buenos Aires-May 3, 1942 Buenos Aires) also known as Alippi or Elías Isaac Alippi was an Argentine actor.

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Eliseo Montaine

Eliseo Montaine (August 1, 1906 Argentina-April 5, 1966) was an Argentine screenwriter, writer, playwright, painter and author.

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