Armenian musicians died at 73

Here are 9 famous musicians from Armenia died at 73:

Grégoire Aslan

Grégoire Aslan (March 28, 1908 Switzerland-January 8, 1982 Cornwall) otherwise known as Krikor Aslanian, Aslan, Gregoire Aslan, Coco Aslan, Koko Aslan or Krikor Aslanian Kaloust was an Armenian actor, drummer and singer.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Mkhitar Sebastatsi

Mkhitar Sebastatsi (February 7, 1676 Sivas-April 27, 1749 San Lazzaro degli Armeni) also known as Mkhitar Sebastatsi or Mekhitar of Sebaste was an Armenian personality.

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Ivan Isakov

Ivan Isakov (August 22, 1894 Kars Oblast-October 11, 1967 Moscow) otherwise known as Hovanness Stepanee Isakov or I. S. Isakov was an Armenian personality.

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Joseph Orbeli

Joseph Orbeli (March 20, 1887 Kutaisi-February 2, 1961 Saint Petersburg) was an Armenian personality.

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Larry Zarian

Larry Zarian (October 20, 1937-October 13, 2011) was an Armenian politician.

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Vardan Areveltsi

Vardan Areveltsi (April 5, 1198 Gandzak, Armenia-April 5, 1271 Khor Virap) was an Armenian geographer, historian, philosopher and translator.

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George Mardikian

George Mardikian (November 7, 1903 Bayburt-October 23, 1977 San Francisco) was an Armenian personality.

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Hamo Beknazarian

Hamo Beknazarian (May 19, 1891 Yerevan-April 27, 1965 Moscow) also known as Hamo Bek-Nazarov, Amo Bek-Nazarian, Ambartsum Ivanovich Bek-Nazarov, H. Bek-Nazarov, Amo Bek-Nasarov, Amo Bek-Nazarov, A. Bek-Nazarovi, Aleqsandre Bek-Nazarovi, Hamo Bek-Nazaryan or Amo Beknazarov was an Armenian film director, screenwriter, actor and athlete.

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Zhora Harutyunyan

Zhora Harutyunyan (September 7, 1928 Armenia-January 10, 2002) a.k.a. Zhora Arutyunyan was an Armenian writer, playwright and screenwriter.

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