Australian movie stars born in 1921

Here are 7 famous actors from Australia were born in 1921:

Ray Lawler

Ray Lawler (May 23, 1921 Footscray-) otherwise known as Raymond Evenor Lawler is an Australian actor, film producer and playwright.

Ralph W. Peterson

Ralph W. Peterson (February 21, 1921 Adelaide-November 2, 1996 Sydney) otherwise known as Ralph Peterson was an Australian screenwriter, television producer and actor.

Bruce Beeby

Bruce Beeby (October 21, 1921 Sydney-October 20, 2013 United Kingdom) also known as Bruce Bebe or Bruce Edward Beeby was an Australian actor.

Owen Weingott

Owen Weingott (June 21, 1921 Sydney-October 12, 2002 Australia) was an Australian actor.

Peter Pagan

Peter Pagan (July 24, 1921 Sydney-June 2, 1999 New York City) was an Australian actor.

Lloyd Cunnington

Lloyd Cunnington (February 8, 1921 Canning Vale-November 4, 2011 Victoria) also known as Lloyd Cunningham or Lloyd Watkin Cunnington was an Australian actor.

Don Sharp

Don Sharp (April 19, 1921 Hobart-December 14, 2011 Cornwall) also known as Donald Herman "Don" Sharp, Donald Herman Sharp or Donald Sharp was an Australian film director, writer, film producer, television director, screenwriter and actor. He had four children, Jonny Dollar, Katherine Sharp, Andrew Sharp and Matthew Sharp.

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