Australian movie stars born in 1931

Here are 6 famous actors from Australia were born in 1931:

Ross Higgins

Ross Higgins (June 14, 1931 Sydney-) is an Australian actor, voice actor, comedian and singer.

Peter Cummins

Peter Cummins (June 2, 1931 Melbourne-) is an Australian actor.

Martin Vaughan

Martin Vaughan (June 5, 1931 Brisbane-) also known as Martin Kevin Vaughan or Martin Vaughn is an Australian actor.

George Ogilvie

George Ogilvie (March 5, 1931 Goulburn-) also known as George Buchan Ogilvie is an Australian film director, television director, theatre director, actor and screenwriter.

Ted Legarde

Ted Legarde (March 15, 1931 Mackay-) is an Australian musician, actor, singer and television presenter.

Don Reid

Don Reid (January 7, 1931 Cobar-April 9, 2013 Sydney) also known as Don Brit Reid was an Australian actor.

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