Australian movie stars born in 1936

Here are 7 famous actors from Australia were born in 1936:

Cliff Ellen

Cliff Ellen (March 22, 1936 Melbourne-) is an Australian actor.

Peter Armstrong

Peter Armstrong (May 20, 1936 Melbourne-January 16, 2001 Australia) also known as Peter Armstrong Stunt Team was an Australian actor and stunt performer.

John Truscott

John Truscott (February 23, 1936 Melbourne-September 5, 1993 Melbourne) also known as John Edward Truscott was an Australian actor.

Grahame Pratt

Grahame Pratt (November 13, 1936 Australia-) is an Australian actor. His children are called Danielle Chambers and Justice Pratt.

Jon Ewing

Jon Ewing (October 6, 1936 Sydney-) a.k.a. Jon Douglas Ewing is an Australian actor.

John Michael

John Michael (November 15, 1936 Sydney-) is an Australian actor.

Alan Lander

Alan Lander (April 28, 1936 Cairns-August 19, 2013 Savannah) also known as Allan Lander was an Australian actor.

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