Brazilian movie actors born in the year 1926

Here are 7 famous actors from Brazil were born in 1926:

Miguel Torres de Andrade

Miguel Torres de Andrade (November 1, 1926 Curaçá-December 31, 1962 Cajazeiras) a.k.a. Miguel Torres was a Brazilian writer and actor.

Aurélio Teixeira

Aurélio Teixeira (October 21, 1926 Santana de Parnaíba-November 5, 1973 Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian actor, screenwriter, film producer and film director.

José Vasconcellos

José Vasconcellos (March 20, 1926 Rio Branco, Acre-October 11, 2011 São Paulo) otherwise known as José Vasconcelos or José Tomás da Cunha Vasconcelos Neto was a Brazilian actor, radio personality and comedian.

Dary Reis

Dary Reis (February 12, 1926 Santa Maria-December 26, 2010 Rio de Janeiro) a.k.a. Dary Hugo dos Reis or Dary Reiz was a Brazilian actor. He had three children, Leana Reis, Katia Christina Reis and Dary Hugo dos Reis Junior.

Tião Macalé

Tião Macalé (December 17, 1926 Rio de Janeiro-October 26, 1993 São José do Rio Preto) also known as Moisés Bruno dos Santos Gregório or Augusto Temístocles da Silva Costa was a Brazilian actor and comedian.

Ibanez Filho

Ibanez Filho (September 10, 1926 Santana do Livramento-November 2, 2006 Rio de Janeiro) otherwise known as Ibanez Lima Filho was a Brazilian actor, television producer, television director, film producer and film director.

Álvaro Aguiar

Álvaro Aguiar (April 11, 1926 Rio de Janeiro-October 22, 1988 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Alvaro Aguiar was a Brazilian actor.

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