Australian movie stars born in 1950

Here are 14 famous actors from Australia were born in 1950:

Steve Bisley

Steve Bisley (December 26, 1950 Lake Munmorah-) also known as Stephen Bisley is an Australian actor. He has six children, Scarlett Bisley, Jasper Bisley, Jesse Bisley, Paris Bisley, Indiana Bisley and Amber Forrest-Bisley.

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Gary Foley

Gary Foley (May 11, 1950 Grafton-) also known as Gary Edward Foley or Dr Gary Foley is an Australian actor and writer.

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Christopher Milne

Christopher Milne (May 24, 1950 Australia-) otherwise known as Chris Milne is an Australian actor and writer.

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Robert Grubb

Robert Grubb (January 31, 1950 Hobart-) is an Australian actor. He has two children, Hayden Grubb and Emerson Grubb.

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Richard Norton

Richard Norton (January 6, 1950 Australia-) a.k.a. King Richard or Richard the Lionhearted is an Australian actor, martial artist, stunt performer and film producer.

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Christian Manon

Christian Manon (January 5, 1950 France-) is an Australian actor.

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Patrick Ward

Patrick Ward (January 4, 1950 Sydney-) is an Australian actor.

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Esben Storm

Esben Storm (May 26, 1950 Denmark-March 28, 2011 Sydney) a.k.a. Mort S. Seben was an Australian actor, screenwriter, film director, television producer, film producer, film editor and television director.

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Phillip Noyce

Phillip Noyce (April 29, 1950 Griffith-) also known as Phil Noyce or Philip Noyce is an Australian screenwriter, film director, film producer, cinematographer, film editor, television producer, actor and television director. He has three children, Lucia Noyce, Ayanda Noyce and Luvuyo Noyce.

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Nick Enright

Nick Enright (December 22, 1950 Maitland-March 20, 2003 Sydney) a.k.a. Nicholas Enright or Nicholas Paul Enright was an Australian writer, screenwriter, playwright and actor.

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Nicholas Hammond

Nicholas Hammond (May 15, 1950 Washington, D.C.-) a.k.a. Nick Hammond, Nicky or Nick Nicholas Hammond is an Australian actor.

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Joe Bugner

Joe Bugner (March 13, 1950 Szőreg-) otherwise known as József Kreul Bugner, József Kreul "Joe" Bugner, Aussie Joe, The Greek God or Joseph Bugner is an Australian professional boxer and actor. He has one child, J.A. Bugner.

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Nick Jameson

Nick Jameson (July 10, 1950 Philadelphia-) also known as Nick Jamieson or Nick Jamison is an Australian musician, voice actor, actor, composer, songwriter and record producer.

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Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey (May 31, 1950 Keith-April 4, 2013 Adelaide) also known as Christopher Mark Bailey was an Australian singer, guitarist, musician and actor. He had one child, Ollie Bailey.

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