Norwegian movie stars born in 1981

Here are 7 famous actors from Norway were born in 1981:

Ryan Wiik

Ryan Wiik (September 23, 1981 Hamar-) a.k.a. Gunnar Ryan Wiik or Gunnar Wiik is a Norwegian actor, film producer, screenwriter and businessperson.

Ulvrik Kraft

Ulvrik Kraft (July 2, 1981 Kristiansand-) also known as Wolf is a Norwegian film producer, actor, film editor, film director and screenwriter.

Lasse Valdal

Lasse Valdal (October 23, 1981-) is a Norwegian actor.

Anders Bye

Anders Bye (December 4, 1981-) is a Norwegian actor.

Espen Klouman Høiner

Espen Klouman Høiner (August 31, 1981-) also known as Espen Kloumann Hoiner or Espen Klouman-Høiner is a Norwegian actor.

Richard Skog

Richard Skog (June 16, 1981 Norway-) is a Norwegian strongman and actor.

Frank Kjosås

Frank Kjosås (July 28, 1981 Øystese-) is a Norwegian actor.

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