Australian movie stars born in 1959

Here are 16 famous actors from Australia were born in 1959:

Mark Little

Mark Little (October 20, 1959 Brisbane-) is an Australian actor and screenwriter. His children are called Angus Little and Jasper Little.

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Anthony LaPaglia

Anthony LaPaglia (January 31, 1959 Adelaide-) also known as Anthony M. LaPaglia, Anthony La Paglia or Anthony Lapaglia is an Australian actor, voice actor and film producer. His child is called Bridget LaPaglia.

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Mark Trevorrow

Mark Trevorrow (February 4, 1959 Melbourne-) also known as Bob Downe or Downe, Bob is an Australian comedian, actor, presenter and screenwriter.

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Mark "Jacko" Jackson

Mark "Jacko" Jackson (August 30, 1959 Melbourne-) is an Australian actor.

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Wayne Pygram

Wayne Pygram (October 13, 1959 Cootamundra-) also known as Ian Pygrim, Wayne Pygrim or Wayne Pigram is an Australian actor and drummer.

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Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington (September 4, 1959 Melbourne-) is an Australian actor. His children are called Megan Harrington and Kaitlyn Harrington.

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Ian Rawlings

Ian Rawlings (March 9, 1959 Whyalla-) is an Australian actor.

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Martin Sacks

Martin Sacks (October 16, 1959 Sydney-) a.k.a. Martin Colin Sacks or Marty is an Australian actor and television director. He has two children, Jack Sacks and Ned Sacks.

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Shane Connor

Shane Connor (April 3, 1959 Woodville-) also known as Shane Conner, Shane Feeney Connor, Shane Connors or Shane Feeney-Connor is an Australian actor. His children are called Thomas Connor, Grace Connor and Jessica Connor.

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Russell Gilbert

Russell Gilbert (October 17, 1959 Footscray-) is an Australian comedian, actor and screenwriter.

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David Reyne

David Reyne (May 14, 1959 Nigeria-) also known as David Nicholas Reyne is an Australian presenter, actor and musician. He has two children, Hunter Reyne and Eva Sunny Reyne.

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Peter Mochrie

Peter Mochrie (March 23, 1959 Sydney-) is an Australian actor. He has one child, Cade Mackinlay Mochrie.

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Timothy Conigrave

Timothy Conigrave (November 19, 1959 Melbourne-October 18, 1994) was an Australian writer and actor.

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Clinton Morgan

Clinton Morgan (December 5, 1959 Perth-) is an Australian actor.

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Lee Perry

Lee Perry (December 16, 1959 Australia-) is an Australian actor and voice actor.

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Ben Elton

Ben Elton (May 3, 1959 Fitzrovia-) also known as Benjamin Charles Elton, Mr. Ben Elton or Elton, Ben is an Australian novelist, writer, comedian, television director, playwright, television producer, stand-up comedian, actor, screenwriter, author and film director. He has three children, Bert Elton, Lottie Elton and Fred Elton.

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