Australian movie stars born in 1961

Here are 13 famous actors from Australia were born in 1961:

William McInnes

William McInnes (September 10, 1961 Redcliffe-) otherwise known as Rock Hampton is an Australian actor and writer. He has two children, Clem McInnes and Stella McInnes.

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Neil Pigot

Neil Pigot (December 28, 1961 Melbourne-) a.k.a. Neil Piggot is an Australian actor.

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Simon Burke

Simon Burke (October 8, 1961-) also known as Simon Bourke is an Australian actor.

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Mikey Robins

Mikey Robins (December 8, 1961 Newcastle-) also known as Mikel Mason "Mikey" Robins, Mikel Mason Robins or Mikey Robbins is an Australian comedian, actor, screenwriter, writer and media personality.

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Vince Sorrenti

Vince Sorrenti (March 25, 1961 Sydney-) is an Australian comedian, actor and screenwriter.

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Tom Carroll

Tom Carroll (November 26, 1961 Newport-) a.k.a. Thomas Victor "Tom" Carroll or Thomas Victor Carroll is an Australian actor and surfer.

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Leigh Bowery

Leigh Bowery (March 26, 1961 Sunshine-December 31, 1994 London) was an Australian promoter, model, fashion designer and actor.

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Greg Stone

Greg Stone (June 23, 1961 Perth-) also known as Stone is an Australian actor and singer.

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Matt Preston

Matt Preston (July 2, 1961 London-) a.k.a. Matthew Preston is an Australian food critic, journalist and actor.

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Brian Mannix

Brian Mannix (October 7, 1961 Melbourne-) also known as Mannix is an Australian singer and actor. His children are called Casey Mannix and Max Mannix.

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Stephen Rae

Stephen Rae (November 8, 1961 Sydney-November 27, 2014) also known as Douglas Stephen Rae was an Australian actor, composer, film score composer and musician.

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Anthony Warlow

Anthony Warlow (November 18, 1961 Wollongong-) is an Australian actor and opera singer. He has one child, Phoebe Rose Warlow.

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Mark Ferguson

Mark Ferguson (February 28, 1961 Sydney-) is an Australian actor, voice actor and television presenter.

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