Polish movie actors born in the year 1990

Here are 6 famous actors from Poland were born in 1990:

Adam Jezierski

Adam Jezierski (July 11, 1990 Warsaw-) a.k.a. Adan Jeziersky or Adan Jezierski is a Polish actor.

Michal Frycz

Michal Frycz (March 17, 1990 Kraków-) also known as M. Frycz is a Polish actor.

Waclaw Adamczyk

Waclaw Adamczyk (September 30, 1990 Katowice-) is a Polish actor.

Pawel Son Ngo

Pawel Son Ngo (August 25, 1990 Gniezno-) is a Polish actor, film score composer and film producer.

Lech Madalinski

Lech Madalinski (July 4, 1990 Szamotuły-July 30, 1973 Warsaw) was a Polish actor.

Piotr Bondyra

Piotr Bondyra (May 5, 1990 Poznań-) is a Polish actor.

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